10 Controversial Genetic Experiments

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by: Jacob Silverman
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Fruit flies often serve as tiny "lab rats" because they're small, breed quickly and easily in a laboratory and lay many eggs.

Some of the most promising, cutting-edge medical research falls under the broad field of genetics -- whether it's mapping the human genome or learning to identify cancer-causing genes. But over the last 70-odd years, some genetic experiments have, perhaps inevitably, attracted a fair amount of controversy. Controversy does not necessarily mean that a particular line of medical inquiry is unethical or not worthwhile -- many lawmakers and scientists, for example, favor some use of genetically modified crops -- yet there are some cases where genetic experiments clearly qualify as abhorrent. Take the Nazis' brutal medical experiments, which were inspired by Aryan-supremacist ideology and notions that certain ethnic groups possessed certain physical or mental advantages over other groups.

In this article, we'll take a look at 10 genetic experiments, all of which have faced some controversy, but some of which still represent important fields of study. We'll begin by tackling one of the most contentious, but fascinating, subjects of them all: cloning.

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