10 Cutting-edge Computer Accessories

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by: Jonathan Strickland
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The G13 Advanced Gameboard from Logitech features an LCD screen and programmable keys. Game on!

With Moore's law still going strong and computers getting faster every year, it's easy to understand why we direct our attention to CPU performance and the fastest graphics cards on the market. But just as computers advance, so do computer accessories. We're beyond the basic keyboard and mouse configuration now.

And while we may not quite be in the futuristic world seen in films like "Minority Report," we're not that far off, either. Researchers at MIT are working on gesture-based user interfaces that will allow you to navigate your computer programs and control digital information with a flick of the wrist or a quick twiddling of your thumbs. Voice control systems are already common for devices like smartphones, and the technology is finding its way into computer applications as well.

The keyboard and mouse combination has remained strong for more than two decades. Will innovation triumph over the status quo? We'll look at 10 accessories that may change how we interact with our computers.

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