10 Favorite Pop Culture Cave Dwellers

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by: Katherine Neer
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The 2009 comedy "Year One" portrayed Michael Cera and Jack Black as two prehistoric outcasts in search of a home and a purpose after being banished from their tribe.
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

For quite some time we've been fascinated by our ancestors -- our very distant ancestors. There's no denying that the image of the caveman has permeated popular culture by way of comics, characters and even clothing.

B.C., Alley Oop and the cavemen featured in Gary Larson's The Far Side have graced the pages of newspapers worldwide. In 1923, Buster Keaton played a caveman in the silent film Three Ages. Since then, a range of stars from Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy to Ringo Starr and Raquel Welch to Dennis Quaid and Darryl Hannah to Elizabeth Taylor and Elizabeth Perkins have played prehistoric people. And today, no fall college scene is complete without coeds tromping across campus in prehistoric-esque footwear: fur boots -- be it faux or the real deal such as UGG brand and EMU.

Read on as we give a nod to the Neanderthal by counting down some of the most favorite cave dwellers in pop culture. First up, a short, hairy cartoon spin on a super popular '70s detective show that revolved around a faceless fellow named Charlie.

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