10 Quirky Facts About Mass-produced Food

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by: Julia Layton
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Mass-produced food means you always know what your bread will taste like.
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Wandering through a modern grocery store, it's easy to forget there was a time when all food was local. People baked their own bread, churned their own butter and slaughtered their own chickens, or else they bought these staples from a small, local supplier.

Now, markets are filled with pre-sliced bread, packaged butter and portioned chicken, not to mention potato chips, ice cream, cookies and frozen pizza, all mass-produced in factories around the world, all tasting exactly the same no matter where you buy it. And that's not necessarily a bad thing: How else can you know exactly which chips to buy when you're on vacation

There are drawbacks, of course, like the blanding of our food supply, and knowing exactly which chips to buy when you're on vacation. And then there's the mystery inherent in mass-production: What exactly is this food we're buying?

Here, you'll find 10 fun, interesting and eye-opening facts about mass-produced food. We'll start with a tidbit about perhaps the most famous of all mass-produced foods: the Twinkie.

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