Top 10 Reasons Classrooms Should Have iPads

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by: Nina Holmberg
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This little guy seems intrigued by the iPad, more so than by the books on the nearby shelves at a recent German book fair. Could it be that technology and tykes are a perfect mix for learning?
Marco Prosch/Getty Images

Every new technological advancement comes with its own host of starry-eyed evangelists -- and the iPad is no exception. With the stumbling state of our current educational system, many are looking for a touch-screen savior. Some tech pundits herald the iPad as a harbinger of the fully digitized classroom; can they see the future, or are they looking for learning in all the wrong places? You'll hear about some of their reasons why tablet computing is just one small step toward the classrooms of the future. You'll also learn about the ways that classrooms already are using iPads, and some of the stumbling blocks these technological pioneers have encountered. When you finish this article, you may just be equipped to decide for yourself whether the device represents the future of classroom learning. First, read on to see what today's teachers and students are doing with one of the latest and greatest tech devices and its apps to enhance learning.

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