10 Reasons to Use Geothermal Energy

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by: Joanna Burgess
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Geothermal plants, such as this one in Iceland, produce harmless vapor, instead of the soot that can spray from plants burning fossil fuels.

The global community consumes an incredible amount of energy. The burning of fossil fuels remains the primary way electricity is generated, but it is also one of the leading contributors to greenhouse gases. Finding reliable and renewable sources of energy is the key to a sustainable future. This is where geothermal energy comes into play. 

Geothermal energy can be explained simply by its name, which derives from the Greek words "geo," meaning Earth, and "therme," meaning heat. The heat is directly below the Earth's surface, making it a universal resource. The most active geothermal spots are found near fault lines and volcanoes but also occur where there are hot springs, geysers and geothermal reservoirs. It can be harnessed cleanly and efficiently. Here are 10 reasons why geothermal energy is a viable solution to a rapidly expanding global crisis.

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