10 Secrets of the Male Mind

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by: Molly Edmonds

In the 2000 film "What Women Want," Mel Gibson played an ad executive who gained the ability to hear women's thoughts. This superpower proved helpful on the job with marketing products like pantyhose, mascara and nail polish to women, particularly when it came to stealing his female co-workers' ideas. He discovered his ability to eavesdrop on women's ideas more troubling when it came to his personal life, however, when he learned that many of the women in his life found him to be a shallow, superficial jerk. After his burst of insight into women's innermost desires and dreams, Gibson's character learned how to treat women better.

We can't help but wonder what the movie would have been like if the main character had been a woman getting the chance to explore the male brain. Women have spent countless hours agonizing over what a guy is thinking, and sales of women's magazines and self-help books attest to the desire to understand the enigma that is the male mind. Why doesn't he answer my texts? How can he live in such a pigsty? How long must we date before he'll drop the L-word?

We'll probably never learn the exact number of hours a woman should wait before calling a guy or whether he prefers to be the pursuer or the pursued -- men are too diverse for such grand statements, and besides, it may not be any fun to have men completely figured out. The good news is that scientists are gaining more insight into the male brain all the time. Are they finding that the same old sexist stereotypes hold true, or are there some pleasant surprises in store?

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