10 Senior-friendly Apps

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by: Meredith Bower
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Users of all ages enjoy the convenience of smartphones -- and now there are dozens of apps that feed seniors' interests.
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Let's get one thing straight: Senior citizens are becoming more computer-savvy all the time. Newly minted seniors have been using cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players and computers since they hit middle age. Although they may not be as quick on the keyboard as their kids and grandkids, or as anxious to own the latest generation of a product, they are embracing technology and its many benefits.

Cell phones and handheld communication devices are no longer just gadgets, as indicated by the overwhelming number -- 84 percent -- of adults who own a cell phone and use them to text, e-mail, browse the Web and download apps [source: Purcell, Rainie, Rosenstiel, Mitchell]. Not surprisingly, the over-65 age group has downloaded half as many apps as people half their age [source: Kuncman], but if the trend toward tablet computers continues at its current rate, the number is bound to increase as well.

Tablet computers, among the most quickly adopted consumer goods to hit the market, are lightweight and versatile, with a senior-friendly screen measuring almost 10 inches, as opposed to smartphone screens a fraction of the size. Not only are the tablet's touch screen features easier to manipulate, it's easier to see -- and there's so much to see, thanks to the ever-increasing number of apps available for both tablets and smartphones.

You've heard "there's an app for that," but how do you know which to add? Keep reading to discover some of the more popular and useful senior-friendly apps.

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