10 Ways to Conserve Energy at Work

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by: Nina Holmberg
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Working late, cubicles full of people. We use a lot of energy at our offices and are too busy to notice. How can we save energy, the environment and some money?
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The green revolution shouldn't be just about dusting off the recycling bins, buying organic apples and taking the bus once in a while. It's a change in lifestyle: a new consciousness about old habits and a willingness to take on new ones. Since we spend about 40 hours a week at our workplaces, isn't the office the best place to try out some new energy-saving tricks? Saving energy isn't just about saving the earth; it also can save a company money and it's simply responsible. The Environmental Protection Agency says that about 30 percent of energy consumed by office buildings is used inefficiently. Additionally, about 17 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from commercial buildings' energy use. [source: Energy Star]. The Energy Information Administration estimates that if commercial and industrial buildings improved their energy efficiency by 10 percent, our economy could see yearly savings of nearly $20 billion. That's a lot of clicky pens. Use this top 10 list as a starting point for your go-green initiative; you'll be surprised how easy it is to adopt some of these habits.

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