10 Ways Men and Women Experience the World Differently

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by: Molly Edmonds
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How is the world different if you're man or a woman?

In 1993, Frank Baird began working with the Valley Trauma Counseling Center in California. The facility provides support for those who have suffered sexual or domestic violence, and Baird wanted to find a way to get more men involved in the fight to stop these crimes. Men are often perceived as the problem in discussions about sexual assault or spousal abuse, so movements surrounding these issues are often led by women. However, Baird believed that men had a stake in these issues as well, so in 2001 he proposed the "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" event [source: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes]. During the event, men march in high heels to increase awareness of gender violence and to raise funds for rape crisis centers. The sight of men walking in high heels often brings spectators and the press out in droves, and so this funny thing for men to do -- walk in high heels -- has proven to be an effective way to help women.

We're often told to walk a mile in another person's shoes so that we can see things from his or her point of view. In this article, we'll consider some of the ways that men and women experience the world differently. None of these experiences is more valid than another, but it's helpful to understand where the other sex is coming from. So strap on a pair of high heels or men's loafers, and let's get started.

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