10 Ways Your Brain and Feelings Influence Each Other

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by: Elizabeth Sprouse
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Increasing evidence indicates that what is going on inside our brains can help determine our positive or negative outlook on life.

If we had to put out a want ad for our brains, we would be hard pressed to find a replacement. After all, our brains have a lot of responsibilities. They help us interpret events, regulate what our bodies are up to, problem solve, keep track of memories, maintain our senses, etc. And if that wasn't enough, our brains drive our feelings. So when you're upset and someone tells you that your feelings are just in your head and you should get yourself together, they're right on the first count and wrong on the second. It is easier said than done.

So why is that? Just how do our brains and feelings interact? Are they partners in crime that work together to enhance our well-being? Or do they fight it out for control? Read on to learn 10 ways your brain and feelings influence each other.

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