5 Future Fossil Energy Technologies

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by: Joanna Burgess
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New technologies are emerging that can make processing fossil fuels more environmentally friendly.
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Fossil fuels haven't been winning any popularity contests. A lot of that's because approximately 80 percent of greenhouse gases consist of carbon dioxide that is generated, in part, by burning fossil fuels [source: Gardner]. So today, it's wind, water and solar energy that are all the rage. Keep in mind that alternative energies aren't without their faults, though they're the lesser of the evils for sure. But the fact is that wide-scale use of green power is years away, so fossil fuels are still by far the largest producers of energy in the United States.

The good news is there are new technologies emerging that attempt to handle the mining and processing of fossil fuels in more environmentally friendly ways. From harvesting gases trapped for millions of years in ice cages to cars powered by hydrogen extracted from coal, these non-renewable power sources may yet be able to help address one of the biggest global issues of our day: our rampant consumption of energy. While the ultimate solution to fossil fuel emissions will be to one day reduce our dependence on oil, coal and other fossil fuels, steps are being taken to make those out there a little cleaner.

Read on to learn about five future fossil technologies on the rise.

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