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Most people of Amish faith live a lifestyle that's very different than that of the average person. Despite a lack of modern conveniences, the Amish community has doubled over the past 20 years. Think you've got what it takes to live like the Amish?

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Where can you find Amish communities?

only in Pennsylvania
all over North America
in Pennsylvania and Virginia

... Contrary to popular belief, you'll find Amish communities in at least 28 states. There are also some Amish families living in Canada.


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Fact or fiction: The Amish don't allow telephone use under any circumstances.


... Fiction: While the Amish generally don't keep telephones in their homes, many might keep a public telephone in a communal location, and others will use telephones for business purposes.


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Thanks to a Bible verse prohibiting "graven images," the Amish typically avoid this common practice.


... The Amish typically resist posing for photos, though some make concessions for candid shots or pictures that don't show their face.


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Fact or fiction: The Amish are forbidden to watch TV or listen to the radio.


... Fiction: While the Amish are typically not permitted to own a TV or radio, they are often willing to enjoy these devices when they are owned by other people. For example, an Amish person staying in a hotel or visiting a non-Amish friend may watch TV.


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Fact or fiction: Most Amish people don't have health insurance.


... Fact: The Amish usually avoid insurance and most state benefits because it makes them too reliant on outsiders. Insurance and benefits also reduce the Amish sense of community and interdependence.


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Where will you find the largest Amish population in the world?

Northeastern Pennsylvania
Northeastern Ohio
Western Maryland

... While Pennsylvania is home to the oldest Amish communities, the largest Amish population can be found near Holmes in Northeastern Ohio. The majority of Amish live in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana.


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What term is used to describe the treatment of Amish who leave the church after baptism?


... Amish who leave the church after baptism are shunned by the community, which means that the Amish have little or no contact with them. Members who choose to repent are typically welcomed back into the community.


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What unwritten code governs the Amish community?


... Ordnung is an unwritten code that governs each Amish community. Each group's code is different, and may address anything from the height of one's hemline to the size of a horse-drawn buggy.


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Fact or fiction: The Amish usually don't have access to grid electricity in their homes, but batteries are more acceptable.


... Fact: While most Amish keep grid electricity out of their homes, many rely on it in their barns and in their places of business. Many Amish communities allow members to use batteries anywhere they wish.


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Do the Amish pay income taxes?


... The Amish pay the same taxes as non-Amish, with the exception of social security. In 1965, Congress approved a bill stating that the Amish were exempt from paying or receiving social security.


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At the age of 16, Amish teens are permitted to leave the community and explore other ways of life. What is the traditional name for this practice?

Wild life

... During the Rumspringa, Amish teens have the opportunity to explore life outside of the community, which helps them to determine if they wish to commit to the Amish religion for life or choose a different path.


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What level of education do most Amish people complete?

eighth grade
high school
two-year college

... Most Amish children attend school through eighth grade, then go on to enjoy a vocational education.


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Fact or fiction: Amish people are generally prohibited from owning a car.


... Fact: The Amish may not own or drive a car, but they may accept rides from non-Amish.


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How many Amish youth choose to remain a part of the religion after the age of 18?

33 percent
50 percent
90 percent

... Roughly 90 percent of Amish youth choose to remain with their community as they reach adulthood. As of 2012, half of the Amish population is under the age of 18, which suggests the religion will grow in the future.


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What language do most Amish people speak within their community?

Pennsylvania German
High German

... The Amish generally speak three languages. They use Pennsylvania German at home, High German in church and English with non-Amish people.


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Unlike many other Christians, the Amish are Anabaptist. What does this mean?

They don't believe in baptism.
They must be baptized three times.
They are baptized as adults.

... The Amish are Anabaptist, which means they wait until adulthood to be baptized. Most undergo baptism between the ages of 18 and 22.


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How do most Amish earn a living?

working in a shop or factory
through government and church handouts
through agriculture

... Today most Amish earn a living working in a factory, business or shop rather than through agriculture.


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At what age do the Amish typically get married?


... Most Amish begin courting at the age of 18 and marry at 21. After marriage, a man begins growing a beard, which he can never cut.


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Do the Amish take advantage of modern medicine?


... Most Amish people take advantage of modern medicine, though their particular beliefs dictate what level of assistance they will accept. Some liberal groups believe in vaccinations and surgeries, while others try to stick to more alternative and traditional treatments.


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Fact or fiction: The Amish attend Sunday services at the homes of their neighbors rather than in a church.


... Fact: Amish do not rely on traditional churches, and instead hold services in their homes. In a large community, each family may be responsible for hosting the service once a year.


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