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Episode 3: Egyptian Mummies FAQ

Oct. 19, 2012

Discovery Channel: Episode 3: Egyptian Mummies FAQ

Was there a real-life Indiana Jones? Take the famous archaeologists quiz!

Sep. 7, 2012

The opening of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (1981) might be the ultimate guide for what NOT to do in archaeology. Jones reduces a temple to rubble and makes off with a priceless treasure. Most real archaeologists explore ancient sites with less mayhem.

Do you know your way around a dig? Take the excavation quiz!

Aug. 28, 2012

"Raiders of the Lost Ark" (1981) and similar films leave would-be archaeologists convinced that just a few days on a dig site are sure to turn up amazing artifacts and priceless treasures. In the real world, however, archaeology is painstaking work.

Great Discoveries: Pictures of Archaeological Finds

Sep. 28, 2010

The field of archaeology has enlightened man to the wonders of the past. Check out our Great Discoveries: Pictures of Archaeological Finds and see which discoveries have been the most infuential.

Do you know the biggest archaeological finds? Take the quiz!

Sep. 10, 2010

Archeological finds have opened man's eyes for centuries. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the 10 most important archeological finds in the 21st century.


Episode 8: Atlantis Uncovered