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Area 51 is a highly classified detachment of Edwards Air Force Base however, some people are convinced that it is an alien Ellis Island. In this quiz, we'll take a look at Area 51 -- what we know, what we don't, and what some wild theories propose.

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In what state is Area 51 located?

New Mexico

... It's in southern Nevada, about 85 miles (about 137 kilometers) from another strange place -- Las Vegas.


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What is the restricted air space over Area 51 called?

the twilight zone
the Groom box
the forbidden sky

... Named for the dry Groom Lake, the Groom box is 23 miles by 25 miles (about 37 by 40 kilometers).


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When did Lockheed begin to test aircraft at Groom Lake?


... Lockheed's first test at Groom Lake was for the U-2 spy plane in 1955.


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What entity besides Lockheed and the Air Force has tested aircraft at Area 51?

the U.S. Navy
the CIA

... The secret vehicles the CIA, the Air Force and Lockheed test are known as "black aircraft."


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What do buildings at Area 51 lack?


... The lack of windows keeps workers from seeing what's going on outside.


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Who patrols the perimeter of Area 51?

"cammo dudes"

... Although there is no proof that they're not extraterrestrials, the "cammo dudes" are camouflage-wearing observers believed to be contract employees.


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Why was Area 51 restricted even before the aircraft tests began?

Reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes had a home there.
It was next to a nuclear test site.
It was a wildlife refuge.

... While Hughes did have a home in Nevada (and who knows what kinds of wildlife live around Area 51), the reason it was restricted was because it was adjacent to the Nevada Test and Training Range.


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What is the theorized connection between Area 51 and Roswell, N.M.?

Extraterrestrials and a spaceship that crashed at Roswell were brought to Area 51 for study.
They are connected by an underground tunnel.
both the above

... True believers are convinced there's a tunnel, a spaceship and aliens; scientists and military folks say "no."


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What is the name of the secret group some believers say oversees the alien activities at Area 51?

the KGB
the Federation of Planets

... Believers say MJ-12, sometimes called Majestic or Majic 12, is a group of powerful humans who are secretly conspiring with extraterrestrials.


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What does a more recent conspiracy theory say was taken to Area 51 from Roswell?

alien microbes
a time machine
children who had been surgically altered to look like aliens

... Apparently, the children were altered by the Nazis, then captured by the Russians. It's complicated.


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In what movie does Will Smith take off from Area 51 on a mission to save the planet?

"Close Encounters of the Third Kind"
"Men in Black"
"Independence Day"

... The heroes use a reverse-engineered alien spaceship to fight the bad guys in "Independence Day."


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What is the mysteriously disappearing airstrip at Area 51 called?

the Cheshire Airstrip
the Stealth Airstrip
Landing Strip X

... Named after Lewis Carroll's Cheshire Cat, this alien-engineered strip can only be seen when wet, UFO believers say.


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What was the name of the huge reconnaissance plane some people believe was developed in the 1980s at Area 51?


... The government has consistently denied the existence of the Aurora Project; believers are just as insistent.


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What did the U.S. Army say was found in a field in New Mexico in 1947?

a weather balloon
a test aircraft

... Some people say a wrecked alien spacecraft, rather than a weather balloon, was taken to Area 51 for further study -- and a mythology was born.


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What is the name of a top-secret storage area featured in the Indiana Jones movies?

Area 51
Hangar 51
Sector 51

... Indy knows that the Ark of the Covenant and the corpse of an alien from Roswell are kept in Hangar 51.


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What does the "Groom determination" deal with?

materials in the air and water at Area 51
aerial photographs at Groom Lake
whether extraterrestrials are allowed into the general population

... President Clinton and subsequent presidents have exempted the Groom Lake area from environmental disclosure laws on grounds of military security.


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What highly anticipated and hugely disappointing 1995 televison special drew attention to Area 51?

"Alien Autopsy"
"My Favorite Martian"

... "Alien Autopsy," which aired on Fox, was proved to be a hoax. It allegedly depicted an autopsy near a spaceship crash site.


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What project was the A-12 reconnaissance aircraft developed for at Area 51?

the OXCART Project
the Pushcart Project
the Alan Parsons Project

... The A-12 was a Mach-3 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft developed for the OXCART Project.


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What is another name for Area 51?


... Devotees call it Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Home Base and lots of other names; the government calls it "nonexistent."


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Some people claim an alien lived for several years at Area 51. What was his name?


... Although A-Rod does have otherworldly skills, J-Rod is the name given in a documentary and several books.


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