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What kind of dog was Toto in the original 1939 "Wizard of Oz" movie?

Yorkshire terrier
west highland terrier
cairn terrier

... Toto was played by a cairn terrier named Terry, who was paid a salary of $125 to play the role.


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The first dog to play this famous TV and movie canine star was adopted from the Burbank Animal Shelter.

Rin Tin Tin

... There have been four different Benjis, two of which were adopted from shelters. The show's creator, Joe Camp, wanted to use shelter dogs to call attention to the plea of abandoned and unwanted dogs.


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On the TV show "Frasier," Eddie was Martin Crane's best friend. What breed was Eddie?

Yorkshire terrier
Jack Russell terrier
Welsh terrier

... Eddie, played by canine star Moose, was a Jack Russell terrier.


Question 4 of 20

Nipper, the famous RCA dog, was a mix of two breeds: bull terrier and what?

west highland terrier
fox terrier
cairn terrier

... This cute bull terrier and fox terrier mix was called Nipper because he liked to nip the legs of people visiting his house.


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What type of dog is Fang, Hagrid's massive pet in the Harry Potter movies?

Pyrenean mountain dog
Dogue de Bordeaux
Neapolitan mastiff

... Neapolitan mastiffs are some of the biggest dogs in existence and can reach up to 155 lbs. in weight.


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In 1925, Balto saved an Alaskan town from diphtheria and was later immortalized in a Disney movie. What breed was Balto?

American Eskimo dog
Siberian husky

... This dark-haired Siberian husky was also immortalized with a statue in Central Park, NYC.


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The sheriff in "The Dukes of Hazzard" owned a very lazy, very slow basset hound with a very unfitting name. What was the dog's name?


... Flash, just like basset hounds in real life, was a slow but vocal dog, emitting a series of howls, barks and murmuring whines to communicate with humans.


Question 8 of 20

This golden retriever knows a thing or two about advertising. What (hot) dog-friendly product's ads does he star in?

French's mustard
Bush's baked beans
Heinz ketchup

... "Duke" is forever trying to "spill the beans" on the secret family recipe behind Bush's baked beans.


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What kind of dog was Mimi’s dog in "The Drew Carey Show"?

Jack Russell terrier

... The pug was named Antonio after Antonio Banderas.


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Goofy, bow-legged dog Scooby Doo belongs to this breed, which is just as large in real life as it looks on TV.

Great Dane
Scottish deerhound
Irish wolfhound

... Although Scooby Doo appears particularly large in comparison to his human friends, Great Danes can stand as tall as 34 inches.


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In the original Peter Pan movie, what giant breed of dog acts as the kids' babysitter?

Australian shepherd dog
Airedale terrier

... Nana is a Newfoundland. Newfoundlands are massive dogs that can reach 155 lbs. and are very loving and protective of their owners.


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In this 2008 computer-animated film, Bolt believes he has superpowers and sets out to rescue his owner (who doesn't really need rescuing). On what type of dog did the illustrators base Bolt?

American white shepherd
French bulldog
German pinscher

... Although the illustrators based Bolt on the American White Shepherd, they also incorporated characteristics from other breeds.


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What type of collie is Lassie?

rough collie
smooth collie
border collie

... Rough collies have the longest coat of all collie types.


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In Disney's famous movie, "Lady and the Tramp," Tramp is a stray mutt and Lady is what?

American water spaniel
British cocker spaniel
American cocker spaniel

... American cocker spaniels are sweet, bright dogs that also love adventure, just like Lady!


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Which TV detective owned a basset hound that was rarely seen but frequently talked about on screen?

Jessica Fletcher

... Columbo's dog (appropriately named "Dog") only appeared in a few episodes but was frequently mentioned even when off-screen.


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Santa's Little Helper is the pet greyhound of which TV family?

The Flintstones
The Simpsons
The Adams Family

... The Simpsons rescued Santa's Little Helper from an abusive dog racing facility.


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Charles M. Schulz created Snoopy based on a dog he owned when he was a kid. What type of dog was he?

fox terrier
Ibizan hound

... Snoopy is a beagle, though his ears are shorter in the cartoon than they would be in real life.


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What mixed-breed dog is famous for bumping into walls while chasing an invisible mouse?

Full House's Comet
Mad About You's Murray
7th Heaven's Happy

... Murray is a border collie mix. He was played by Maui, who was found in a California shelter by his trainer.


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In Sex and the City, Charlotte owned this type of dog:

Blue Picardy spaniel
Cavalier King Charles spaniel
French spaniel

... Charlotte's refined Cavalier King Charles spaniel also had a refined name: She was called Elizabeth Taylor and nicknamed Princess Dandyridge Brandywine.


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Besides "Scooby Doo," what other cartoon series also featured a Great Dane?

Family Guy
The Jetsons

... The Jetsons' pet dog, Astro, looked in fact very similar to Scooby Doo on screen.


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