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All parents think their children are special, but a small percentage of kids are actually born with above-average intelligence or a sky-high IQ. Do you know how parents and educators determine which children require gifted education programs?

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How many children can be described as gifted, according to Duke University?

30 percent
20 percent
5 percent

... Just 5 percent of U.S. children, or about 3 million students, can be described as gifted.


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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of gifted children, according to the "three ring concept of giftedness?"

advanced ability

... The three ring concept of giftedness defines a gifted child as one with advanced ability, creativity and high task commitment.


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What nickname is given to the U.S. Department of Education's definition of a gifted child?

DOE definition
Presidential definition
Marland definition

... The Marland definition identifies gifted children as those who are "capable of high performance."


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Which of the following is NOT one of the most common signs of giftedness in infants and toddlers?

advanced mobility
language development
alertness and memory

... The three most common signs of giftedness in young children are language development, alertness and memory.


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How many types of intelligence did Howard Gardner identify in a widely cited 1983 publication?


... Some schools rely on Gardner's multiple intelligences theory, which outlines nine different types of intelligence to identify gifted children.


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What term is used to describe children who are both gifted and learning disabled?

DAG (disabled and gifted)
twice exceptional
multiple intelligence

... Twice exceptional children are those who are both gifted and learning disabled.


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Which member of the family is most likely to be labeled as gifted?

youngest child
middle child
oldest child

... Though researchers aren't exactly sure why, the oldest child in a family is most likely to be labeled as gifted.


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How much of the federal education budget is dedicated to funding gifted programs?

less than 1 percent
25 percent
almost 33 percent

... Less than 1 percent of the federal education budget goes toward gifted programs, while almost one-third is devoted to those with learning disabilities.


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At what age do children in New York City take tests that determine whether they are eligible for gifted elementary school programs?

3 years old
5 years old
7 years old

... NYC children take tests at the age of 3 to determine if they qualify for gifted programs.


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How many states have gifted programs in place for children who are gifted in the performing or visual arts?


... Twenty U.S. states have programs in place to recognize children gifted in the arts, rather than in standard academic work.


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According to Duke University, what's the primary method used to identify gifted children?

IQ tests
parental recommendation
psychological assessment

... IQ tests serve as the primary method for identifying gifted children.


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What is the lowest IQ test score that a child can have and still qualify for the average gifted program?


... A score of 130 is generally the lowest score one can earn and still qualify for gifted programs, though exact requirements vary by state.


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What percentage of students have an IQ above 120?

5 percent
10 percent
15 percent

... Around 10 percent of students have an IQ above 120, while the average score is 100.


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What IQ test does Duke University recommend for the most extremely gifted children?

Wechsler Intelligence Scale
Woodcock-Johnson Test
Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales

... The Stanford-Binet test has one of the highest possible score ranges of all IQ tests, making it appropriate for the most gifted children.


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How old must a child be before he or she can take an IQ test?

2 years old
6 years old
10 years old

... Several of the most popular IQ tests are appropriate for children as young as 2 years old.


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Who is more likely to be labeled as gifted and accepted into gifted education programs?

Boys and girls are equally likely to qualify as gifted.

... According to the National Academy of Sciences, girls make up more than 50 percent of the population of gifted programs.


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How much time do gifted children spend in a regular classroom, on average?

50 percent
80 percent
90 percent

... Gifted children spend around 80 percent of their time in regular, non-gifted classes.


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How many states have special programs for the highly gifted, or exceptionally intelligent, child?


... Only one state -- California -- has a statewide program that recognizes exceptionally gifted children.


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What qualities does Polish psychologist Kazimierz suggest that gifted children possess?


... Kazimierz believes that gifted children possess overexcitabilities, which can be described as hyperstimulation, or high levels of curiosity, intelligence and mental energy.


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How old was the youngest person ever to earn a college degree, as of 2012?

10 years old
13 years old
16 years old

... Michael Kearney earned a bachelor's degree in anthropology at the age of 10.


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