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Which of the following is not considered a robot?

a plate-sized disk that automatically cleans the floor
a coffeemaker that begins brewing at a pre-set time
a life-size version of Abe Lincoln that delivers the Gettysburg Address
a machine in the GM factory that places windshields in cars

... Robots are machines programmed to follow a specific set of instructions.


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A person with a mechanical pacemaker can be considered a what?


... Cyborgs are organisms with both natural/biological and mechanical or robotic parts.


Question 3 of 19

Which of the following housecleaning robots is available to consumers?

Scooba, the floor-washing robot
Looj, the gutter-cleaning robot
Roomba, the vacuum-cleaning robot
all of the above

... Roomba vacuums floors, and its sister products scrub floors (Scooba), and clean gutters (Looj).


Question 4 of 19

What robotic technology has Honda been perfecting?

self-driving motorcycles
humanoids that will one-day help disabled people in their home
wheelchairs that can climb stairs
ATMs that look like tellers

... Honda's ASIMO has the ability to help humans with an extra set of eyes, ears, hands and legs.


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Which function is not performed by Humanoid robots, yet?

understanding commands
refereeing sports
climbing stairs
running and turning

... ASIMO, a humanoid robot has the capability to run, climb stairs and navigate around objects.


Question 6 of 19

Which type of robot looks most like a human?


... Androids, refined versions of humanoids, are intended to look as much like a person as humanly as possible.


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What is Japan's robot Enryu, the 'rescue dragon,' capable of doing?

performing heart surgery
finding lost sailors in the open ocean
preparing sushi and sashimi
lifting heavy objects to rescue people trapped in earthquakes

... Enryu was built to assist in rescue efforts that are the result of disasters such as earthquakes and avalanches.


Question 8 of 19

In the cartoon 'The Jetsons,' what is the name of the robot who cleans the house?


... Rosie was the efficient, sometimes bossy, household robot employed by the space-aged cartoon family, the Jetsons.


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What are the names of the robots currently exploring Mars?

R2 and D2
Challenger I and II
Spirit and Opportunity
Voyager and Apollo

... NASA sent the two space rovers Spirit and Opportunity to Mars in the summer of 2003.


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What is unique about the Mars rovers?

The robots found signs of Martian life.
They were expected to last three months, yet continue to transmit images to Earth seven years later.
They were lost in space.
They carried the first humans to Mars.

... Expected to last just three months, the intrepid Spirit and Opportunity are still going strong.


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How are robots used in the operating room?

They manage the nursing staff.
They act as security to keep intruders out.
They act as a surgeon's hands to perform surgery.

... Surgeons are seated at a console, controlling four robotic arms outfitted with micro-instruments, which replicate the surgeon's hands with greater precision.


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Who invented the first robot?

Thomas Edison
The Wright Brothers
Leonardo da Vinci
Benjamin Franklin

... Believe it or not, Leonardo da Vinci created the first robot in 1495.


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What has been one of the most popular audio-animictronic shows at Disneyland since the 1960s?

Country Bear Jamboree
Captain EO
Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
Toy Story Midway Mania!

... Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, which began operation in 1965, features an audio-animictronic life-like Abe whose head and face alone have 20 functions.


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How have robots changed the manufacturing industry?

They are replacing humans because they don't require health insurance.
Robots make some jobs easier and they do the jobs humans don't want to.
They have eliminated unions.
They have eliminated human error.

... Their agility, speed, and ability to lift massive weight spawned changes in manufacturing.


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Elektro, the robot that debuted at the 1939 New York World's Fair, could do which of the following?

speak 700 words
smoke cigarettes
all of the above

... Electro entertained audiences by answering questions, walking across the stage and even smoking.


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What was Elektro's robot dog's name?

Sparky the Wonder Dog
Santa's Little Helper

... Elektro's dog Sparko could bark, beg and wag his tail.


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What was the talent of the Digesting Duck, which debuted in 1739?

to clean up bits of food dropped on the floor
to produce foie gras
to eat and digest grain, in one end and out the other
to eat bugs and pests in local ponds

... Although the duck appeared to complete the cycle of digestion, turning grain into waste was just an illusion.


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What is unique about Kitt the robot in TV's Knight Rider?

It was a cat.
It was a self-driving, talking Trans-Am car.
It was designed to look like David Hasselhoff.
It was voiced by Eartha Kitt.

... Kitt is smooth-talking, self-driving muscle car from the early 1980s drama.


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Which robot(s) did not appear in Star Wars movies?

Battle Droids

... ED-209 was from the movie 'Robocop.'


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