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Tune into any discussion about terrorism and nuclear security, and you're bound to hear the term "dirty bomb." Is a dirty bomb a kind of nuclear weapon for maniacs on a budget? How do you build one? And what are we supposed to do if one ever goes off?

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Which of these explosives is the deadliest?

conventional explosive
nuclear bomb
dirty bomb

... A nuclear bomb is generally the most destructive of these three. A dirty bomb simply uses a conventional explosive to spread radiation.


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What part of an explosion is primarily responsible for spreading radioactive material in a dirty bomb?

flying debris
rapid expansion of gas

... High explosives inflict damage with rapidly expanding, very hot gas. In a dirty bomb, this expanding gas spreads the radioactive material.


Question 3 of 10

Which of the following is the primary, long-term destructive force in the detonation of a dirty bomb?

dirty radiation
terrestrial radiation
ionizing radiation

... The long-term destructive force of the bomb would be ionizing radiation from the radioactive material.


Question 4 of 10

Ionizing radiation can cause which selection of health problems?

broken DNA strands, cancer and radiation sickness
broken DNA strands, cancer and pneumonia
broken DNA strands, green skin and super strength

... Ionizing radiation can cause broken DNA strands, cancer and radiation sickness.


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Which of the following isn't a way to prevent or treat long-term illness from radiation exposure?

showering and destruction of clothes
bone marrow transplant

... Following a small or medium dirty bomb blast, simply showering and destroying contaminated clothes would help tremendously. In cases of radiation sickness, a bone marrow transplant is sometimes required.


Question 6 of 10

Which household item contains radioactive material that could be used in a dirty bomb?

lead pipes
smoke detector
plasma TV

... Common household smoke detectors contain low-level radioactive materials.


Question 7 of 10

Which radioactive material is used in food irradiation plants?


... Food irradiation plants use radiation from cobalt-60 to kill harmful bacteria on food.


Question 8 of 10

What would be the main health concern following the detonation of a dirty bomb?

immediate fatalities
shrapnel injuries
prolonged exposure to radiation

... The primary concern would be prolonged exposure. Many radioactive isotopes bind with other materials, including concrete and metal, extremely well. This would make it nearly impossible to completely remove the material without demolishing all contaminated structures.


Question 9 of 10

A dirty bomb is best described as what type of weapon?

disruptive weapon
destructive weapon
deceptive weapon

... A dirty bomb is a disruptive weapon. Its greatest damage would come in the form of widespread panic and resulting economic harm, not fatalities.


Question 10 of 10

Which of the following radiated areas is not currently safe for habitation?


... Nagasaki and Hiroshima were exposed to large amounts of radioactive material from a nuclear blasts, but both are considered safe for habitation today. Areas near the site of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident are still considered unsafe.


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