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Extra-sensory perception (ESP) is a fascinating and controversial topic. What is it? What kind of abilities are considered ESP? Can you foretell what questions are going to be on this quiz? No? Then take it to find out!

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Question 1 of 20

Which of the following is a type of ESP that allows an individual to perceive occurrences or objects in a different location?


... Clairvoyants can "see" things from a distance. Mediums communicate with spirits, precogs see the future and telepaths can "read" others' minds.


Question 2 of 20

The term "ESP" was created by a _________.

con artist
fortune teller

... In 1934, J. B. Rhine, a Duke University professor and researcher, developed the term ESP (extra-sensory perception).


Question 3 of 20

One early 20th century theory of ESP proposed that it is a type of energy in the form of _________.

electromagnetic waves
stored energy
sub-sonic waves
temperature gradients

... The theory of electromagnetic waves has lost support since it was first advanced. The "instant" results obtained through ESP would not be possible with electromagnetic waves as we know them. There is no evidence of these waves, nor is there an "extra" body part that could function as a sender/receptor of the waves.


Question 4 of 20

One famous example of precognition is the publication of a novel about the _____ 14 years before it occurred.

bombing of Hiroshima
space shuttle Challenger explosion
Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004
sinking of the Titanic

... The novel "Futility" was published in 1898. It told the story of an ocean liner, the Titan, that sank after colliding with an iceberg one foggy April night.


Question 5 of 20

Zener cards were used to ______.

test for clairvoyance
contact spirits
predict the future
tell fortunes

... Zener cards were used by researchers to test for clairvoyance. Five shapes (circle, square, plus, star, wavy lines) were printed on white cards, one shape per card. As the researcher held each card, participants were asked to identify the pattern.


Question 6 of 20

The primary problem with ESP research is that the results are not ________.


... Although there has been scientific research that indicates possible ESP effects that occur at a rate greater than chance, most studies have not proven to be replicable. An important part of scientific research to reach conclusions is the ability of a variety of researchers to obtain the same results with the same methods.


Question 7 of 20

Psychometry is the ability to understand a person by ________.

communicating with spirits
reading his future
reading his mind
touching an object

... People with psychometric abilities touch an object and suddenly know things about a person associated with it.


Question 8 of 20

Renowned medium James Van Praagh served as co-executive producer on the television series ________.

The Ghost Whisperer
Ghost Hunters
The X Files

... Van Praagh worked on "The Ghost Whisperer," a series about a woman who can communicate with spirits who have not yet "crossed over."


Question 9 of 20

A study led by psychologist Dr. Daryl Bem suggest that words were recalled better when they were ______.

not practiced at all
practiced before a quiz
practiced after a quiz
practice did not make a difference

... This controversial research study was accepted by the American Psychological Association's "Journal of Personality and Social Psychology" for publication in 2011. Participants were given a computer-generated list of words and later asked to recall them. Subsequent to the test, they were asked to rehearse some of those words. Results indicated the words that were rehearsed after the test had been recalled better when the test had been originally taken.


Question 10 of 20

The STAR GATE Program was an investigation into using ESP for ________.

financial power
intelligence gathering
population control
technological advancement

... A 1995 CIA report reviewed studies that examined the possibility of using ESP within the intelligence community.


Question 11 of 20

"Remote viewing" refers to collecting information about objects ______.

at a distance
hidden from view
using ESP
all of the above

... During remote viewing, participants use ESP in an attempt to discern information about objects at a distance away and hidden. More recent studies have not found participants to be successful at this.


Question 12 of 20

For the Ganzfeld experiments, parapsychologist Charles Honorton adapted a method to measure telepathy that was unique because it involved strict scientific guidelines and _______.

child participants
no equipment
professional psychics
sensory deprivation

... Two participants and a researcher were all in separate rooms, and images were computer-selected for the "sending" participant to try to transmit via telephathy. The participant attempting to "receive" the images was in a brightly lit room and had his eyes covered, leading to mild sensory-deprivation to aid in concentration. Honorton got results that were better than mere chance.


Question 13 of 20

Which of the following is NOT considered a form of ESP?


... Telekinesis, the ability to affect the environment with one's mind, is not considered a form of ESP by researchers.


Question 14 of 20

The James Randi Educational Foundation offers a prize of _______ dollars to anyone who can prove the existence of paranormal abilities or events.

one thousand
ten thousand
one hundred thousand
one million

... In 1964, James Randi initiated the offer with a $1,000 reward. His foundation upped the ante to $1 million. To win, the applicant must undergo an informal and then a formal testing procedure. As of 2011, no one has made it to the formal testing round.


Question 15 of 20

Nostradamus, who famously predicted the future during the 16th century, originally worked as a/an _______ after completing his education.


... Nostradamus worked as a professor of medicine and a physician in France. He had some success at curing bubonic plague victims, although in 1538 his first wife and children succumbed to it.


Question 16 of 20

In 2002, the British Ministry of Defense launched an investigation to determine if 12 professional psychics could assist the British military, but:

The information was leaked to the press and the study was halted.
No professional psychic was successful.
No professional psychics would cooperate.
Parliament refused to fund the study.

... The professional psychics who were approached refused to participate in the study. When it was conducted with amateur psychics, results were dismal: a 28 percent success rate.


Question 17 of 20

In a 1957 investigation, the FBI looked into claims that a psychic could teach _______.

blindfolded people to see
military personnel to read minds
people to make themselves disappear
soldiers to aim firearms accurately with their eyes closed

... William Foos, of Richmond, Va., was visited by the FBI after claiming he could teach blindfolded and even blind individuals to see perfectly. His teenage daughter demonstrated the ability to read, walk about the room and play jacks while blindfolded.


Question 18 of 20

Psychic Uri Geller says he is related to _______.

Carl Jung
Golda Meir
Sigmund Freud

... Geller claims a distant connection to Freud through his mother.


Question 19 of 20

According to a 2005 Gallup poll, what percentage of Americans believe in ESP?

About 20 percent
About 40 percent
About 60 percent
About 80 percent

... Forty-one percent of the respondents in the poll claimed to believe in ESP.


Question 20 of 20

As a child, psychic John Edward says he ___________.

moved objects in his room using his mind
predicted his school grades
was visited by long-dead relatives
all of the above

... When young, Edward says he communicated with deceased relatives. He also said he experienced out-of-body episodes.


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