Do pregnant women really have strange food cravings? Take the quiz.


Nine months might sound like a short span of time, but it can be long and arduous for a pregnant woman. Take this quiz to learn more about expectant moms and what pregnancy is like from their perspective!

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Should an expectant mother exercise?

only during the first trimester

... Yes. Moderate exercise is healthy for the mother, poses no risk to the child and can be done throughout a pregnancy.


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C-section is an abbreviation for:

cut section
cesarean section
child section
orange juice

... C-section is an abbreviation for "Cesarean section."


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A pre-term birth is one in which a baby is born:

after 37 weeks
at 37 weeks
before 37 weeks

... A pre-term birth is on in which a baby is born before it reaches 37 weeks of age.


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When is a quad-screen test usually performed?

first trimester
second trimester
third trimester
the fourth trimester

... A quad-screen test, which looks for Down Syndrome and other abnormalities, is usually performed during the second trimester.


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What kind of waves does an ultrasound use?

sound waves
light waves
radar waves
surf waves

... An ultrasound uses sound waves to show a picture of a developing fetus.


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Nausea during pregnancy is known as:

pregnancy sickness
mourning sickness
baby's revenge
morning sickness

... Nausea during pregnancy is known as morning sickness.


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Which of the following supplements should a pregnant mother take to prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida?

folic acid
vitamin C
gingko biloba

... Pregnant mothers are often advised to take folic acid, a B vitamin, in order to prevent neural tube defects.


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What does Rh incompatibility mean?

mother and baby have different blood types
mother and baby have different eye colors
mother and baby have different responses to lactose

... Rh incompatibility means that a pregnant mother has Rh-negative blood and her child has Rh-positive blood, meaning that they have incompatible blood types.


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What is the name of the prenatal test that requires a sample of amniotic fluid?

amniotic fluid examination

... An amniocentesis uses a sample of amniotic fluid to check for genetic abnormalities.


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The most common early symptom indicating pregnancy is:

a missed period
morning sickness
a tendency to forget simple things like phone numbers

... The most common early symptom indicating pregnancy is a missed period, although spotting and morning sickness also may occur.


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In terms of energy level, a pregnant woman may experience the following:

no change in energy level
less energy
unbridled enthusiasm for all things
more energy

... It's common for a woman to feel some fatigue -- i.e., to have less energy -- during the early stages of pregnancy.


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Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for pregnancy complications?

age of the mother
the mother's health
the child's gender

... A child's gender is not, on its own, considered a risk factor for pregnancy complications.


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During the first two trimesters, how often should a pregnant woman visit her doctor?

once a month
once a week
every day

... During the first two trimesters, a pregnant woman should plan to visit her doctor once a month.


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Who usually delivers babies?

only nurses
doctors and midwives
only doctors
the baby's father

... Babies are most commonly delivered by a number of health workers, including doctors and midwives.


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Can expectant mothers eat fish?

not under any circumstances can they eat fish
they can eat some types of fish but not all are recommended
they can always eat fish
expectant mothers can only eat salmon

... Some types of fish are OK for pregnant mothers to eat, but doctors recommend that mothers do not eat uncooked fish or fish that may contain mercury.


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Is it safe for pregnant mothers to drink alcohol?

yes, in small amounts
yes, as much as they want

... It is not safe for pregnant mothers to drink any amount of alcohol.


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Depression during pregnancy is known as:

postpartum depression
antepartum depression
partum depression
pregnancy anxiety disorder

... Depression during pregnancy can happen and is referred to as antepartum depression.


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What is the "mask of pregnancy"?

facial splotches
increased acne
a mud mask worn by pregnant women
increased sweating

... The "mask of pregnancy" is characterized by facial splotches caused by an increase in hormones and pigmentation.


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During pregnancy, how much more blood does a woman's body produce?

400 times the normal amount of blood
100 percent more -- she doubles her blood supply
50 percent more
25 percent more

... A pregnant woman produces 50 percent more blood.


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A craving for food with no nutritional value -- or substances, like dirt, that may not qualify as food -- is called:

junk cravings
non-nutritional cravings
empty-calorie cravings
pica cravings

... Pica cravings are characterized by a desire for non-nutritional substances, including anything from soap to dirt.


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