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If you come face to face with one of these storms, would you know how to survive? Take this quiz to learn how a few brave people made it through some of history's scariest storms.

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What is the most common cause of injury or death during a tornado?

being carried away by the wind
building collapse
flying debris

... Flying debris is the most common cause of death or injury during a tornado.


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During this hurricane, a Texas woman named Mildred Sheffield got out of bed just before the bed was crushed by two falling trees.

Hurricane Camille
Hurricane Hazel
Hurricane Rita

... Sheffield decided to find a safe place to weather the storm just before Hurricane Rita felled two trees onto her bed.


Question 3 of 20

Honeymooners Connie and Jerry Helms rode out Hurricane Hazel on a raft made out of this in 1954.

a bathtub
a sheet of plywood
a mattress

... The newlyweds survived the hurricane by floating out of their home on a mattress.


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A group of survivors rode out Hurricane Ike in a Texas church along with this intimidating animal.

an elephant
a lion
a bear

... A lion from the local zoo found shelter from Ike in a small Texas church.


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Just 3 out of 100 people in a Texas orphanage survived a 1900 hurricane in this city.

San Antonio

... Three young boys survived the 1900 Galveston storm by clinging to an uprooted tree for more than a day.


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In addition to surviving both nuclear bombings in Japan during World War II, a tornado expert called "Mr. Tornado" also pulled through a 1982 tornado in this city.

St. Louis

... During his lifetime, Mr. Tornado experienced just one tornado -- it was in Denver in 1982.


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If you're in a car, how can you improve your chances of surviving an oncoming tornado?

speed up to outrun it
drive at a 90-degree angle to the storm's path of travel
park under an underpass for protection

... The best tactic for surviving a tornado when you're on the road is to drive at a 90-degree angle to the path of the storm.


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Just 11 of the 65-member Russell family survived a major 1935 hurricane in this southern state.


... Just 11 members of the Russell family survived the 1935 hurricane in Key West, Florida.


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Which explorer not only survived harsh arctic weather and a capsized boat, but also a surprise hurricane during his 1914 expedition to Antarctica?

Percy Fawcett
Ernest Shackleton
Robert Peary

... In addition to extreme weather, Ernest Shackleton and his men also survived a hurricane off the coast of Antarctica in 1914.


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How far did a May 2011 tornado carry an 8-year-old boy in Alabama after he was lifted out of his home at 200 miles (322 kilometers) per hour?

10 feet (3 meters)
30 feet (9 meters)
500 feet (152 meters)

... An 8-year-old boy escaped the eye of the storm with barely a scratch after he was whisked out of his home and carried about 30 feet (9 meters) by the wind.


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After a 1983 hurricane, how many days did it take Tami Ashcraft to steer her battered boat to the Hawaiian shore?

41 days
14 days
7 days

... After a 1983 hurricane virtually destroyed her boat, it took 41 days for Ashcraft to drift to Hawaii.


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Which of these flying objects did doctors remove from the stomach of Chicago resident Helen Miller after a 2010 tornado?

tree branch
metal pole
fence post

... After a tree branch was removed from her abdomen following a major tornado, Miller decided to keep the branch for good luck.


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Which future celebrity survived an April 1936 tornado that took more than 200 lives in Tupelo, Mississippi?

Bob Dylan
Donna Summer
Elvis Presley

... A young Elvis survived a killer tornado in 1936.


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A group of men survived the 1935 Florida Keys hurricane by hiding in one of these on Islamorada.


... A boxcar provided some protection for the men who took refuge, allowing several to survive the Category 5 storm.


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During the infamous 2011 tornado spree in Joplin, Missouri, the staff at a Pizza Hut restaurant survived by hiding in one of these.

small bathroom
semi truck
walk-in freezer

... Local newspapers hailed the Pizza Hut manager as a hero for helping staff survive by tying the freezer door shut.


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Who did social worker and hero Mark Lindquist save during a devastating Missouri tornado?

disabled adults

... Mark Lindquist risked his own life to save three disabled adults by covering them with a mattress and laying on top during a powerful tornado.


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What is the farthest distance anyone has been carried by a tornado and lived to tell the tale?

200 feet (61 meters)
1,307 feet (398 meters)
1 mile (1.6 kilometers)

... Student Matt Suter holds the record for traveling the farthest by tornado power, at 1,307 feet (398 meters).


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Where did Georgia mom Lisa Rice hide with her two children during a 2011 tornado?

tanning bed
tornado shelter

... Rice and her children survived the storm by taking shelter in a tanning bed during an April 2011 tornado.


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Which movie star survived a 1938 Category 5 hurricane that struck her home in Fenwick, Connecticut?

Elizabeth Taylor
Carole Lombard
Katherine Hepburn

... Katherine Hepburn survived the 1938 hurricane that ravaged much of New England, including her home.


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Mason the dog somehow struggled home with two broken legs days after a 2011 tornado hit this southern city.

Birmingham, Alabama
Jacksonville, Florida
Houston, Texas

... Despite two broken legs, Mason found his way home and was reunited with his owners in Birmingham, Alabama.


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