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Anthropologists become famous for discovering new things about what defines us and makes us unique as a species. Anthropologists study behavior and physical traits. Do you know who the most famous anthropologists are?

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What type of anthropology was Clifford Geertz famous for?

linguistic anthropology
symbolic anthropology
mathematical anthropology
geographical anthropology

... Geertz researched much in the field of symbolic anthropology -- analyzing culture by interpreting the meaning behind objects, behaviors and actions.


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Eric Wolf studied communities made up of what type of people?


... Wolf spent much of his time researching peasant communities in Puerto Rico, Mexico and throughout Europe.


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Who was Marcel Mauss's uncle?

Franz Boas
Albert Einstein
Sigmund Freud
Emile Durkheim

... Emile Durkheim was a prominent sociologist who worked closely with his nephew on many research projects.


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Where did Claude Levi-Strauss grow up?

United States

... Levi-Strauss grew up in France, though he temporarily moved to Brazil in order to teach there and eventually conduct research in the area.


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Besides anthropology, what other career did Lewis Henry Morgan have?

ad executive

... Before Morgan turned his attention to the field of anthropology, he had a successful law practice.


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What term did Clifford Geertz use when referring to his research?

thick description
shallow description
in-depth description
static description

... Geertz used the term 'thick description' when describing subjects within their context and with deeper meaning than just the external.


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Who was Ruth Benedict's mentor at Columbia University?

Paul Farmer
Lewis Henry Morgan
Franz Boas
Clifford Geertz

... When Ruth Benedict joined the anthropology department at Columbia University, she learned from and assisted her mentor, Franz Boas.


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What's the name of Marcel Mauss's most famous book?

Mules and Men
Primitive Cultures
The Gift
Ancient Society

... 'The Gift' aimed to explain the importance of reciprocity in cultures, and how gift exchange creates bonds, good or bad, between people.


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Where did Zora Neale Hurston spend most of her childhood?

New York
South Carolina

... Hurston grew up in Florida, where she eventually began researching folklore and African-American culture. She also gathered data from others parts of the south and the Caribbean.


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Which war was Eric Wolf an outspoken opponent of?

Vietnam War
World War I
Civil War
World War II

... Beyond making anthropological discoveries, Wolf was an activist and hugely disagreed with the war in Vietnam.


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What's the name of Paul Farmer's organization?

Health for Everyone
End Poverty Now
Partners In Health
Health Care to Heal the World

... Partners In Health aims to provide community-based medical care and address basic needs for the world's poorest people.


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What's the name of Margaret Mead's controversial book about the Samoan children's transition into adulthood?

Samoa: From Child to Adult
Coming of Age in Samoa
Samoan Life
Phases of Samoan Change

... Mead wrote 'Coming of Age in Samoa' after drawing the conclusion that a stressful transition into adulthood may have more to do with external, cultural factors than biological ones.


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For years, Paul Farmer has tried to provide health care for the poor communities of which country?

South Africa

... After visiting Haiti as a young student and seeing the lack of medical care for its poorest citizens, Farmer was inspired to start his organization, Partners In Health.


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Who is known as the 'father of modern anthropology'?

Paul Farmer
Eric Wolf
Lewis Henry Morgan
Franz Boas

... Franz Boas is known as the 'father of modern anthropology' for his contributions to the field and his push to study a more comprehensive form of anthropology.


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What's the name of Ruth Benedict's most famous book?

Patterns of Culture
The Bridge to Culture
Cultural Differences
Emotions of Culture

... Benedict's popular book, 'Patterns of Culture,' emphasized that looking to other, primal cultures can help us better understand ourselves and the rest of modern man.


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Claude Levi-Strauss is known as the founder of what?

founder of archaeology
founder of structuralism
founder of blue jeans
founder of culture

... Levi-Strauss gained fame for his expansion of theories regarding the analysis of culture in a new way, called structuralism.


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What's the name of Zora Neale Hurston's most famous novel?

Mules and Men
Their Eyes Were Watching God
Native Son

... Hurston used her background as an anthropologist to create rich, honest characters in her fictional works, such as in 'Their Eyes Were Watching God.'


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Which organization did Franz Boas align with to fight racial discrimination?

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Anti-Defamation League (ADL)
Equal Rights Association (ERA)
Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)

... Franz Boas joined forces with the NAACP in its early days to fight pseudoscientific, racist beliefs permeating areas of academia and the real world.


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What's the name of Lewis Henry Morgan's 1877 book?

Ancient Society
Society and Culture
The Evolution of Culture
The Loss of Society

... 'Ancient Society' featured some of Morgan's most famous, and controversial, theories regarding social evolution and its three stages.


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Ruth Benedict wrote an anti-racism pamphlet for which U.S. government office?

Office of Economic Security
Office of Welfare
Office of Cultural Comparisons
Office of War Information

... During World War II, Benedict helped write 'The Race of Mankind' for the Office of War Information in 1943.


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