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Some have acted as advisers to the President; others have championed important social and political causes, including environmental protection, education, health care reform, civil rights and women's rights. Take our Famous First Ladies Quiz to test your knowledge of the first women of the White House and others from around the world.

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Of her many accomplishments, which did Eleanor Roosevelt view as the most important?

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Nineteenth Amendment
Civil Rights Act

... Eleanor Roosevelt was instrumental in drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and getting it ratified. She viewed it as the crowing achievement of her long and illustrious political career.


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What was the name of the feminist political party that First Lady of Argentina Eva Perón founded in the late 1940s?

Argentinian Women's Party
Female Peronist Party
Peronist Suffragette Party

... Eva Perón founded the Female Peronist Party. Her work in the women's suffrage movement helped the women of Argentina win the right to vote.


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Which First Lady was the first to have her own office in the West Wing of the White House?

Michelle Obama
Hillary Clinton
Barbara Bush

... An astute and accomplished politician, Hillary Clinton was the first to have her own office in the West Wing of the White House.


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Who was the first First Lady to hold séances in the White House?

Abigail Adams
Nancy Reagan
Mary Lincoln

... Mary Lincoln was the first First Lady to hold a séance at the White House. It's rumored that First Lady Nancy Reagan consulted astrologers.


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Lady Bird Johnson was an avid naturalist and champion of environmental causes, much to her husband's chagrin. What was the nickname of the Beautification Act of 1965 that she lobbied for?

Lady B's Highways
Lady Bird's bill
Beautifying for Bird

... The Beautification Act of 1965 still carries the nickname "Lady Bird's bill." Lady Bird is also responsible for the beautiful cherry trees around the monuments of Washington, D.C.


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As part of her healthy eating and organic food initiative, what did Michelle Obama install on the South Lawn of the White House?

a wind farm
an organic dairy production center

... Michelle Obama had beehives installed on the South Lawn of the White House. She also planted an organic garden as a way to highlight the need to seek healthy, local foods.


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Which soon-to-be First Lady urged her husband to "remember the ladies" while he was helping to author the Declaration of Independence?

Martha Washington
Abigail Adams
Martha Jefferson

... Abigail Adams was an advocate of women's rights and urged her husband to "remember the ladies" when writing the Declaration of Independence.


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What cancer diagnosis did Betty Ford receive and then discuss openly with the public?

breast cancer
liver cancer

... Betty Ford was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1974. Her willingness to discuss it openly and with candor raised awareness about screenings and treatments for breast cancer.


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Although you'll almost never hear her referred to by this name, what is the wife of the U.S. Vice President called?

Lady in Waiting
First Lady Once Removed
Second Lady

... The wife of the Vice President of the United States is technically the Second Lady.


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How is a former First Lady addressed?

First Lady (surname)
Ms. (surname)
Mrs. (surname)

... A former First Lady should be addressed as "Mrs." and her surname. The same holds true for an incumbent First Lady.


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Who fills the shoes as First Lady if a President is a widower or bachelor?

There isn't a First Lady if the President is a widower or bachelor.
The President's Press Secretary takes over the First Lady's duties.
A female relative of the President acts as First Lady.

... Historically, a close female relative has filled the public role of First Lady for a president who isn't married. Thomas Jefferson was a widower when he entered office. His daughter served as his First Lady.


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What train station was Jackie Kennedy Onassis instrumental in saving from real estate development?

Pennsylvania Station
Grand Central Station
Union Station

... In the 1970s, Jackie O. stepped in to help save Grand Central Station from the wrecking ball. Grand Central is now a National Historic Landmark.


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Who owns all the gifts a First Lady receives during her time in the White House?

She is the only government official who can legally accept and keep gifts.
The gifts become property of the United States government.
The gifts must be turned over to the Smithsonian Museum Holding Authority within four years.

... According to the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, all gifts to the First Lady must be declared and are considered the property of the U.S. government. This technically includes gifts from family members and close friends.


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Who was the first First Lady to have a federal-salaried social secretary?

Hillary Clinton
Eleanor Roosevelt
Edith Roosevelt

... Edith Roosevelt had the first federal-salaried social secretary. The salary is paid out of the annual budget for operational funding of the Executive Branch.


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Upon moving into the White House, which First Lady said that it looked like "a hotel that had been decorated by a wholesale furniture store during a January clearance"?

Lady Bird Johnson
Jackie Kennedy
Nancy Reagan

... Jackie Kennedy had a great eye for fashion and design, and she redecorated the White House upon her arrival. She spruced up its rooms with antiques as well as art borrowed from the Smithsonian, restoring the White House's sense of history and grandeur.


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Which First Lady was the first to deliver a radio address the nation?

Helen Taft
Florence Harding
Lou Hoover

... Lou Hoover was the first First Lady to speak to the nation via radio.


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Before marrying the President of France in 2008, what did French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy do for a living?

French historian

... Carla Bruni-Sarkozy had a successful modeling career, working for fashion houses such as Versace and Chanel. She was also a pop singer with hits on French music charts.


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What foundation did Callista Chapola-Chimombo, First Lady of Malawi, form to empower Malawian women and children?

Safe Motherhood Foundation
Malawian Women's Coalition
Women and Children of Malawi Foundation

... Callista Chapola-Chimombo founded the Safe Motherhood Foundation to help educate Malawian women and children.


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What is the U.S. First Lady's salary?

$90,000 a year
$128,000 a year

... This First Lady of the United States doesn't receive a salary, although her travel and security are paid for by the government.


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Since its construction during World War II, which wing of the White House has traditionally been used to house the First Lady's staff?

South Wing
West Wing
East Wing

... The East Wing of the White House is often -- although not always -- used by the First Lady for her staff. For the record, there is no South Wing of the White House.


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