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Hey, isn't that …? Consumers have gotten so good at ignoring advertisements that companies will go to any length to get their attention, including shelling out millions for a well-known voice. Can you identify the famous voices in these ads?

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Fact or fiction: Jerry Seinfeld voices the cartoon bee in the Nasonex commercials.


... Fiction: Seinfeld may have played the part of a bee in "Bee Movie" (2007), but it's Antonio Banderas who voices the bee in the Nasonex commercials.


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What handy actor lends his voice to the "Pure Michigan" tourism commercials?

Tim Allen
Drew Carey
Billy Crudup
Jeff Bridges

... Tim Allen of "Home Improvement" fame voices the "Pure Michigan" spots. He also provided voiceovers for a $100 million ad campaign launched by Campbell's Soup in 2010.


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Fact or fiction: George Clooney was the voice behind Mastercard's "Priceless" campaign.


... Fiction: Mastercard's famous campaign was voiced by Billy Crudup. He stuck strictly to voiceovers for years before finally showing his face in a 2005 "Priceless" ad, where he played the part of a gas station attendant.


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Who replaced Walter Cronkite as the voice of CBS News following Cronkite's death?

James Earl Jones
Gary Sinise
Kevin Spacey
Morgan Freeman

... Morgan Freeman's famous voice can be heard during the opening of the CBS Evening News. Morgan also provides voiceover work for Visa, including the company's iconic Summer Olympic ad campaign.


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In addition to her commercial work for Cover Girl and Wal-Mart, Queen Latifah has also done voiceover work for this pizza chain.

Pizza Hut
Papa John's
Little Caesar's

... Queen Latifah has done voice acting for Pizza Hut commercials.


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What actor assures listeners that Delta isn't just "building a bigger airline," but "a better one," in a series of black-and-white commercials?

Donald Sutherland
Jeff Bridges
John Krasinski
Ed Helms

... Sutherland's voice helped return Delta to profitability after the company declared bankruptcy in 2005.


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Fact or fiction: Jon Hamm provided voiceover work for a series of ads by Mercedes-Benz.


... Fact: In 2010, Mercedes-Benz awarded Jon Hamm, of "Mad Men" fame, a three-year contract for voiceover work.


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What Emmy Award-winning actress lends her voice to ads for Kaiser Permanente?

Julia Roberts
Tyne Daly
Claire Danes
Allison Janney

... Allison Janney, co-star of "The West Wing," voices commercials for Kaiser Permanente.


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Is that Dan Conner? What food chain invited John Goodman to voice a series of commercials beginning in 2007?

Dunkin' Donuts
Burger King

... John Goodman and Rachael Ray both provide voiceovers for Dunkin' Donuts commercials.


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Which of the following commercial characters was voiced by Zach Braff?

Cottonelle puppy
Mr. Peanut
Nasonex bee
Charmin bear

... In addition to providing the voice for the Cottonelle puppy, Zach Braff also lent his voice to commercials for PUR Water Filtration and Wendy's.


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When Planters was ready to give Mr. Peanut a voice for the first time, whom did they call to fill the role?

George Clooney
Robert Downey Jr.
Gary Sinise
Brad Pitt

... Robert Downey Jr. was the first to voice the role of Mr. Peanut. The "Iron Man" (2008) star also voices a series of ads for Nissan.


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What actor voiced the "Go Army" ad campaign by the U.S. Army?

Tim Allen
Jon Hamm
The Rock
Gary Sinise

... Is that Lt. Dan? Well, sort of. Actor Gary Sinise, who played the role of Lt. Dan in "Forrest Gump" (1994) also provides voiceover work for the U.S. Army.


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This actor can be heard proclaiming, "This is Budweiser. This is beer."

George Clooney
Matt Damon
Ben Affleck
Tom Cruise

... In addition to lending his voice to Budweiser, Clooney also voices commercials for Aquafina and AT&T.


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Jeff Bridges performs voice work for Duracell, Ameriquest and this car company.


... Since 2007, Jeff Bridges has served as the voice of Hyundai.


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Fact or fiction: Kevin Spacey has a history of voice acting for Honda commercials.


... Fact: In addition to winning multiple Oscars, Kevin Spacey has also talked up cars for Honda.


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What celebrity did Applebee's hire to provide voice work for a 2007 ad campaign?

Wanda Sykes
Julia Roberts
Martin Lawrence
Janeane Garofalo

... Wanda Sykes played the role of a wisecracking apple in Applebee's "Together is Good" campaign.


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Fact or fiction: Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in at least 30 commercials in Japan.


... Fact: Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in at least 30 Japanese commercials throughout his career, in which he hawked everything from energy drinks to noodle soup.


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For what insurance company did actor John Krasinski tape a series of commercials?


... John Krasinski of "The Office" lent his voice to commercials for Esurance and also voiced ads for Blackberry.


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What star of "The Hangover" (2009) also voiced a claymation character for commercials?

Bradley Cooper
Jeffrey Tambor
Zach Galifianakis
Ed Helms

... In addition to his comedy work in "The Hangover" and his role on "The Office," Ed Helms played a claymation figure during commercials for


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Which actor was the original voice for the GEICO Gecko?

Kelsey Grammer
Robert Pattinson
Jim Carrey
Dave Kelly

... Kelsey Grammer served as the original voice of the GEICO Gecko. The actor also voices ads for Honey Nut Cheerios and American Airlines.


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