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Which ancient Roman leader, immortalized in a play that shares his name, uttered the phrase "Et tu, Brute?"

Titus Andronicus
Julius Caesar

... In Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar uttered, "Et tu, Brute?" before dying from the stab wounds inflicted by his assassins, which included Caesar's close friend Marcus Junius Brutus. In English, the phrase is commonly translated as "And you, Brutus?"


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This American president is known to have said, "I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being."

George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Richard Nixon

... Although he wasn't a vegetarian, Abraham Lincoln took an active interest in the rights of animals.


Question 3 of 20

This leader holds the record for longest speech ever given at the United Nations.

Nikita Khrushchev
Fidel Castro
Bill Clinton

... Fidel Castro once captivated -- or held captive -- the U.N. General Assembly during his 4 hour speech.


Question 4 of 20

She was nicknamed the "Virgin Queen" of England.

Queen Victoria
Queen Alexandra
Elizabeth I

... Elizabeth I never married -- hence her nickname. Her subjects also called her "Good Queen Bess" for her kindness towards the masses.


Question 5 of 20

What was the title of Eleanor Roosevelt's syndicated newspaper column?

Women's Home Companion
My Day
Women's Day

... Eleanor Roosevelt wrote her syndicated newspaper column "My Day" six days a week for 27 years.


Question 6 of 20

He was the first American president to be interviewed by a female journalist -- a woman named Anne Royall. He was naked to boot!

Lyndon Johnson
Grover Cleveland
John Quincy Adams

... John Quincy Adams was fond of taking 5 a.m. swims in the Potomac River nude. Anne Royall caught him in the act and sat on his clothes until she got the interview she wanted.


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Stevie Wonder dedicated the Oscar for Best Song that he won for "I Just Called to Say I Love You" to this champion of human rights.

Mother Teresa
Nelson Mandela
Desmond Tutu

... Stevie Wonder dedicated his Oscar for Best Song to Nelson Mandela. The year was 1984.


Question 8 of 20

This Kennedy was expelled from Harvard for cheating on a Spanish exam.

Ted Kennedy
John F. Kennedy
Robert Kennedy

... Ted Kennedy had a friend sit for his Spanish exam. He was caught and expelled but eventually re-admitted. He graduated from Harvard in 1956.


Question 9 of 20

Though rumors of intentional poisoning persist, this ruler was probably killed by the long-term results of bad military food.

Frederick the Great

... A team of American pathologists have determined that, despite popular belief, Napoleon wasn't poisoned. He had a stomach ulcer that was exacerbated by bad food consumed during his many military campaigns. He died of the stomach cancer that resulted.


Question 10 of 20

During his first radio broadcast to the United States, he asked, "Do I have to speak into this thing?"

Albert Einstein
Winston Churchill

... In 1931, Gandhi made his first broadcast to the United States and discovered that yes, he had to "...speak into this thing."


Question 11 of 20

What did King George III like to dress up as?

a soldier
a coachman
a farmer

... King George III was not known for his grace in court. He preferred the country life, dressing as a farmer whenever the opportunity arose.


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Sheep grazed on the lawn of the White House while this U.S. president was in office.

William Taft
Woodrow Wilson
Jimmy Carter

... During World War I, President Wilson and his wife kept sheep on the lawn of the White House. Proceeds from the sale of the wool went to the Red Cross.


Question 13 of 20

There is debate as to whether or not this clueless Queen ever actually said, "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche."

Madame de Pompadour
Marie Antionette
Marie Therese Charlotte

... Was Marie Antionette so callous as to tell the starved masses to eat cake? There is no historical proof that she did, but the famous phrase will forever be attributed to her.


Question 14 of 20

He had his wife Anne Boleyn beheaded for "high treason."

King Henry IV
King George III
King Henry VIII

... King Henry VIII is well known for his mistresses and multiple marriages. Anne Boleyn was beheaded for high treason. Many speculate it was because she didn't produce a male heir.


Question 15 of 20

According to one story, she was the first wife of a U.S. president to be referred to as the "First Lady."

Abigail Adams
Dolley Madison
Martha Washington

... Supposedly, Zachary Taylor referred to Dolley Madison as the "First Lady" during his eulogy for her.


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Along with her husband Ferdinand, this Queen instigated the bloody Spanish Inquisition.

Sophia I
Isabella II
Isabella I

... Isabella I was not one to be trifled with when it came to her religious beliefs. She and Ferdinand instituted the "Tribunal del Santo Oficio de la Inquisición" in 1480.


Question 17 of 20

At one point in his life, he was nicknamed the "Water American" for his preference of water over beer.

John Adams
Ben Franklin
Thomas Jefferson

... While working overseas, Ben Franklin preferred water to beer, but he was also known as something of a wine connoisseur at other times in his life.


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A popular historical myth is that this leader offered Abraham Lincoln a herd of war elephants.

King Mongkut of Siam
Queen Victoria
King Kojong of South Korea

... King Mongku of Siam did not offer Lincoln a herd of war elephants. However he did offer James Buchanan domesticated elephants for traveling.


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This ruthless leader had webbed toes on his left foot.

Mao Zedong
Vladimir Lenin
Joseph Stalin

... Joseph Stalin had webbed toes on his left foot. This in no way implies that all people with webbed toes are megalomaniacs and tyrants.


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In 1997, this powerful figure won a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Michelle Obama
Hillary Clinton

... Hillary Clinton won a Grammy for the audio version of her book called "It Takes a Village."


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