Is the honey badger really the most fearless animal on Earth? Take the quiz!


In 2002, the Guinness Book of World Records named the honey badger the most fearless animal on the planet. Think you know what gives the honey badger its unmatched sense of fearlessness? Take this quiz to find out!

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While its friends call it a honey badger, or ratel, scientists refer to the animal by what more formal name?

Lutra canadensis
Castor canadensis
Mellivora capensis

... The scientific name for the honey badger is the Mellivora capensis.


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Which of these regions is the honey badger most likely to call home?

South Africa

... The honey badger is native to Africa, though it steers clear of the desert and the rain forest regions.


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How long can a honey badger live in captivity, based on historical evidence?

5 years
11 years
24 years

... The oldest honey badger on record lived to the age of 24.


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What type of living situation does the honey badger prefer?

communal living
solo lifestyle
living with a single mate

... Honey badgers are solitary creatures and prefer to live alone.


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How much larger is the male honey badger than the female?

33 percent larger
50 percent larger
about the same size

... The male honey badger is about 33 percent larger than the female.


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Which of these is the honey badger most likely to munch on?


... The honey badger is a carnivore, and it prefers meat to fruit or plants.


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What's the best way to kill a honey badger?

with an arrow to the body
with a blow to the head
with a machete

... Honey badgers have incredibly thick skin, so a blow to the head is one of the only surefire ways to kill them.


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In 2011, football player Tyrann Mathieu earned the nickname "honey badger" while playing for which team?

Maryland Terps
NC State Wolfpack
LSU Tigers

... Mathieu, the honey badger, earned the nickname for his tenacious technique while playing for the LSU Tigers.


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Where does the honey badger rank on the Species Survival Commission's list of endangered species?

least concern
critically endangered

... Despite threats from beekeepers everywhere, the honey badger falls within the "least concern" category and is not considered endangered.


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In 2007, reports of man-eating badgers in this city were eventually blamed on a sudden increase in the honey badger population.


... Residents of Basra, Iraq, experienced an influx of honey badgers in 2007.


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How much does the average honey badger weigh?

30 pounds (14 kilograms)
80 pounds (36 kilograms)
140 pounds (63.5 kilograms)

... The fierce and fearless honey badger weighs just 30 pounds (14 kilograms) on average.


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In 2011, the honey badger took over the Internet, leading to a starring role in a commercial for which nuts?


... The honey badger rose to Internet fame in 2011 and eventually starred in a commercial for pistachios.


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What color are honey badgers?

black and white

... Honey badgers share the same black and white coloring as skunks.


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What defense mechanism does the honey badger use to deter predators?

venomous teeth
a spiky ridge on the skull
anal secretions

... The honey badger emits stinky anal secretions to ward off predators.


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Which animal has the honey badger formed a symbiotic relationship with?

the honeybee
the honey otter
the honey guide bird

... The honey guide bird and the honey badger work together to rob hives of their sweet contents.


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How long can the honey badger grow?

14 inches (36 centimeters)
39 inches (100 centimeters)
58 inches (147 centimeters)

... Honey badgers generally reach around 39 inches (100 centimeters) in length.


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How many young does the average female honey badger produce?


... A female honey badger generally produces a pair of offspring, both of which are born blind and develop sight over time.


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What feature allows the honey badger to withstand bee stings, snake bites and other fierce attacks?

thick skin
a bone-like shell
incredible speed

... The honey badger's thick skin allows it to withstand stings, bites and other attacks.


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How long is the average honey badger's tail?

Honey badgers have no tail.
2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.6 centimeters)
1 foot (.3 meter)

... The honey badger's tail measures approximately a foot (a third of a meter) in length, or about a third of the animal's overall length.


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What group represents one of the biggest threats to the honey badger?

fur trappers

... Apiculturists, or beekeepers, represent a major threat to the honey badger.


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