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Genetically modified food products are foods that have been genetically engineered. Genetically modified food products' popularity is increasing at an alarming rate. Test your knowledge on genetically modified food products here.

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Are GM crops cheaper to grow?

yes and no

... That's tricky. GM seeds are more expensive to buy and you might need to spend money and time training workers on how to grow the new crops. You might save in the cost of pesticides and end up with healthier, larger crops.


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Forty-three percent of the world's crops of this non-food item are genetically modified.


... Ninety-three percent of the cotton grown in the U.S. and 43 percent of the cotton grown around the world is genetically modified.


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Which one of the followings is NOT a formal synonym for GM food?

bioengineered food
nanotechnology food
genetically engineered food

... Frankenfood is a term used by opponents to the production of GM foods. It's a reference to Frankenstein and is not a formal term to describe GM foods.


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Which of the following countries has a complete ban on GM foods and food products?

Sri Lanka

... Starting in 2001, all GM foods, whether raw or in the form of products or ingredients, are banned in Sri Lanka. The other countries listed have partial bans on certain crops or products.


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Have GM foods have been shown as safe to eat?


... Since there's no mandatory testing system in place, it's impossible to determine whether all GM foods are safe.


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Which of the following is NOT a real GM fruit born by crossing two fruits and modifying genes?

tangelos (tangerines and grapefruits)
pluots (plums and apricots)
graisins (giant raisins)

... Cina-apples (apples with sweet cinnamon flavor) are just a figment of the imagination..for now.


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Which of the following foods or food products does not contain GM ingredients?

dairy products
diet sodas

... Diet sodas contain aspartame, which is a GM product.Some experimentation with fruits has taken place, but apples are currently non-GM.


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Which country produces and consumes the highest amount of GM foods?


... According to the Center for Food Safety, up to 75 percent of the food items found on supermarket shelves in the U.S. contain genetically modified ingredients.


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Which of the following products is likely to be non-GM?

whole grains
candies and sweets
alcoholic beverages

... Whole grains such as rye and barley are not genetically modified. Yeast and grapes are non-GM, but GM enzymes sometimes are used during the production and processing of alcoholic beverages.


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The genetic modification of _____ can cause the death of the monarch butterfly.


... Bt corn is a GM food that kills pests, reducing the need for insecticides. It also causes the death of the monarch caterpillars. However, although monarchs may ingest some Bt pollen while eating their normal milkweed diet, it's probably not enough to harm them.


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Who is responsible for inspection control and safety testing of GMOs in the U.S.?

the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
no agency
the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

... There is no mandatory testing for GM foods grown in the US


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Are genetic modification and hybridizing seeds the same?

it depends

... Hybrids are seeds of the same type that have been crossed or combined to make a stronger, better seed. No new genes or elements are introduced, as is the case with GMs.


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What is outcrossing?

the scientific process of introducing new genes into a crop
the accidental movement of GM plant genes into wild crops
grafting a new plant onto a GM plant to make it larger

... The accidental movement of GM plants into the wild can cause food safety concerns, especially in the case of GM foods that are not meant for human consumption.


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What kinds of traits have NOT been added to food crops?

aromatic enhancement
herbicide tolerance
weed-killing genes

... Taste- and color-enhancing genes have been introduced into plants, but aroma is not an important enough consideration to warrant expensive genetic modifications.


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Fact or fiction: Deaths have been linked to GM food consumption.


... The effects of GM foods would take years, if not decades, to show. As of today, no proof exists that GM crops can be damaging to your health.


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What are the environmental benefits of growing GM foods?

There are none.
They reduce the need to use pesticides and herbicides.
They preserve the richness of the soil.
They enhance flora and fauna diversity.

... GM foods often are created with a gene that protects them from pests without the need for chemicals that might be harmful to the environment and the species living nearby.


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Which of these is the only GM crop currently grown in Europe?

sugar cane

... Maize (corn) is the only GM crop currently grown in Europe. Any other GM food consumed in Europe gets imported from the U.S. or Canada.


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What percentage of the corn grown in the U.S. is GM?

65 percent
50 percent
95 percent
85 percent

... Corn is second only to soybeans as a GM food.


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What is genomics?

the study of the genetic makeup of an organism
the science of altering a plant 's genes
the study of the moral implications of GM foods

... Genomics is the science that helps to identify and understand the different genes that make up an organism and how those genes produce specific traits.


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Which of the following foods may contain genetically modified ingredients?

baby formula
canned soups
all of the above

... Hundreds of everyday products contain GM foods. Even frozen pizza and cookies may be modified.


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