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The list of influential inventors includes everyone from the nameless human who first discovered how to make fire to the inventor of the light bulb. Do you think you can identify the innovative geniuses in our quiz?

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Which electrifying genius came up with the idea of alternating current?

Nikola Tesla
Thomas Edison
Benjamin Franklin

... Nikola Tesla proposed alternating current, which put him in competition with Thomas Edison's direct current technology.


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Who was the recipient of the first telephone call made by Alexander Graham Bell?

Mabel Hubbard
Henry Ford
Thomas Watson

... Bell's assistant Thomas Watson received the first message via telephone. The historical first words were "Mr. Watson, come here. I need you."


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Which inventor famously quoted the biblical phrase "What hath God wrought?"

Samuel Morse
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Jack Parsons

... Samuel Morse tapped out this phrase in the world's first telegraph message using a code he invented.


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Which of these inventive women came up with the idea for Liquid Paper?

Josephine Cochran
Bette Nesmith-Graham
Ruth Miro

... Bette Nesmith-Graham wasn't just the mother of Monkees vocalist Michael Nesmith, she was also the inventor of Liquid Paper.


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All inventors have their ups and downs -- which of these invented the yo-yo as a toy?

Donald L. Hings
Rube Goldberg
Pedro Flores

... Pedro Flores is the man to thank whether you enjoy walking the dog, rocking the baby in the cradle or taking a trip around the world. He introduced the mass-market toy version of the yo-yo in the early 20th century.


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Narciso Monturiol invented a device that revolutionized warfare. What was it?

The first tank with a rotating turret
The first combustion-powered submarine
The atomic bomb

... Monturiol invented the combustion-driven submarine in 1867. Monturiol's submarine was the first submersible vehicle that didn't require human or air power for propulsion.


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Who invented the semi-automatic shotgun?

John Moses Browning
Samuel Colt
Oliver Winchester

... John Moses Browning came up with the idea for the semi-automatic shotgun.


Question 8 of 10

Who do we thank for inventing a vaccine against Polio?

Irving Millman
Cesar Milstein
Jonas Salk

... Dr. Jonas Salk developed a vaccine against Polio in the 1950s. Because he wanted it distributed freely to as many people as possible, he never patented his vaccine.


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What did Willis Carrier invent that has made life more pleasant for millions of people?

Massage chairs
Air conditioning
Water beds

... Those of you living in hot climates may want to say thanks to Carrier for inventing air conditioning.


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Which of these inventors' discoveries led to the creation of Kevlar?

Stephanie Kwolek
Harry Brearley
Richard J. Gatling

... Stephanie Kwolek developed a liquid crystalline polymer solution that displayed remarkable qualities of strength and stiffness. This lead to the development of Kevlar, a tough material used in many kinds of body armor.


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