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What can we learn from ancient spores? Take the quiz!

Dec. 12, 2011

When you think of fossils, you probably picture the dinosaur skeleton hanging at your favorite natural history museum. You may be surprised to learn that some of the most important fossils are virtually invisible to the naked eye.

What are practical uses for pollen? Take the palynology quiz!

Nov. 28, 2011

How much do you know about pollen and its fascinating applications? Take our quiz and find out!

Can you tell fact from fiction? Take the giant squid quiz.

Sep. 19, 2011

Giant squids seem like something out of a science fiction movie. Reports of sightings go back as far as the fourth century B.C., but back then were usually dismissed as fantasy or labeled as mythological creatures.

10 Strangest Fossils Ever

Sep. 8, 2011

It's fascinating to see a plant or animal preserved as a fossil that dates back millions of years, and to learn from that fragment how the planet changed and living things evolved. What are some of the most unusual fossils uncovered over the years?

Think you know all there is to know about fossils? Take our fossil quiz!

Aug. 30, 2011

Fossil discoveries have taught us so much more about prehistoric life than simply what the biggest dinosaurs looked like. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of surprising and often strange fossils.

When Giants Roamed the Earth: Dynamic Dinosaur Pictures

Sep. 28, 2010

Dinosaurs have fascinated man since we first dug up a fossil. Creatures with the size and abilities of dinosaurs have never been seen by modern man, but here you can see what some of the most dynamic dinosaurs looked like.

10 Greatest Dinosaurs of All Time

Sep. 16, 2010

For more than 160 million years, dinosaurs dominated the landscape of our planet. What we've learned about them through countless fossil finds continues to fire our collective imagination. Check out our 10 greatest dinosaurs of all time.

Do you know your dinosaurs? Take the quiz!

Sep. 16, 2010

Dinosaurs have fascinated man since we first discovered their presence. Check out our ultimate dinosaur quiz and test your knowledge of the beasts that once ruled the planet.

Earth's Lost Residents: Dinosaur Pictures

Sep. 17, 2008

Although dinosaurs went extinct thousands of years ago, fossils have provided ample specimens for recreating what dinosaurs might have looked like. These dinosaur pictures will help you to imagine these grand creatures.


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