10 Steps Mankind Can Take to Save the Environment

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by: Chelsea Hedquist
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Where's a superhero to save the Earth when you need one?
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When the world needs saving, superheroes seem tailor-made to get the job done, what with their extraordinary powers and spiffy suits. Unfortunately, they only exist in the realm of comic books, television shows and movies. In the real world, everyday people play the hero's -- and sometimes the villain's -- part. This is particularly true when it comes to saving the environment. With Earth providing the one and only known spot in the universe that's hospitable to the human race, preserving a healthy environment isn't just a nice ideal, it's an imperative. Mankind has the power to be either the hero or the villain in the quest to save the Earth, but certainly playing the hero will yield better results for everyone. So, though we may not have superhuman abilities or flashy outfits with capes, that shouldn't stop us from being heroes when it comes to saving the environment. Here are 10 steps we can take to do just that.

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