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Which temple was built to house the tomb of a king of the Khmer Empire?

The Karni Mata Temple
The Sanchi Stupa
Angkor Wat

... Angkor Wat was constructed in the 12th century to house the earthly remains of King Suryavarman II upon his death.


Question 2 of 10

Which ossuary is home to the largest number of bones?

The Sedlec Ossuary
The Douaumont Ossuary
The Ossuary at Our Lady of the Conception of the Capuchins

... The ossuary at Our Lady of the Conception of the Capuchins in Italy and the Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic both contain thousands of people's bones, but the Douaumont Ossuary tops both totals out of the water -- the remains of some 130,000 unidentified soldiers killed during World War I's Battle of Verdun are housed there.


Question 3 of 10

Which city was once nicknamed the "City of 1,001 Churches" among other monikers?


... Ani, formerly a bustling medieval Armenian capital but now located in Turkey, was dubbed the "City of 1,001 Churches" during its heyday, although today the city lies in ruins.


Question 4 of 10

Which religious locale is renowned for being home to some 20,000 or so rats?

The Karni Mata Temple
The Great Mosque of Djenné
The Great Meteoran Monastery

... The Karni Mata Temple in Rajasthan, India houses about 20,000 rats that are visited by worshippers and tourists alike. But the real stars of the show are the four or five albino rats in residence: Catching sight of one of those is considered particularly auspicious.


Question 5 of 10

Which cathedral was heavily protected during the Blitz of World War II, under the explicit orders of Winston Churchill?

St. Paul’s Cathedral
Westminster Abbey
St. Andrew's

... During the height of the Blitz, Churchill ordered all firefighting efforts directed toward preserving St. Paul's. The Royal Institute of British Architects put out an appeal of its own, and many famous architects, intellectuals, historians and artists were among the citizens who joined to stand guard over one of their most precious religious monuments.


Question 6 of 10

Which temple was commissioned by Marcus Agrippa?

The Temple of Apollo
The Parthenon
The Pantheon

... The Pantheon was commissioned by Agrippa. The first incarnation of the temple burned down within a relatively short period of time, but it was rebuilt a few decades later by Emperor Hadrian and has stood ever since.


Question 7 of 10

Which temple complex is generally regarded by two of the world's most popular religions as the first and the third holiest location, respectively.

The Karnak Temple Complex
The Temple Mount
The Vatican

... The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is widely regarded as the most holy location in Judaism, and the third-holiest location in Islam.


Question 8 of 10

Which place of worship is made of mud?

The Great Mosque of Djenné
The Metéora Monasteries
Angkor Wat

... The Great Mosque of Djenné in Mali is constructed of a mud-based plaster. The locals have a festival each year where they repair any wear and tear the mosque has suffered during the previous year.


Question 9 of 10

Which temple was built by the Mayans in Tikal?

The Temple of the Sun
The Temple of the Court
The Temple of the Jaguar

... The Temple of the Jaguar is the one located at Tikal. The other two can be found at Palenque.


Question 10 of 10

Which monastery perches upon the top of a sandstone pillar?

The Palpung Monastery
The Great Meteoran Monastery
The Holy Theotokos Monastery

... The Great Meteoran Monastery can be found in Greece, and it's one of six still-functioning monasteries in the vicinity that's perched atop a sandstone peak.


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