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If you watched the 3-hour James Cameron movie and think you know everything about the Titanic, maybe there's more yet to learn! Take this quiz to test your knowledge of all things Titanic!

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How long did the Titanic take to sink?

2 hours and 40 minutes
3 hours and 40 minutes
4 hours and 40 minutes

... The Titanic sank in 2 hours and 40 minutes.


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When was the wreck of the Titanic discovered?

September 1, 1965
September 1, 1975
September 1, 1985

... The wreck of the Titanic was discovered on September 1, 1985.


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In late 2010, it was reported that the Titanic was being eaten by what kind of organism?


... In late 2010, it was reported that the Titanic wreckage was being consumed by a previously undiscovered species of bacteria.


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How long was the Titanic?

882.5 feet (269 meters)
892.5 feet (272 meters)
872.5 feet (266 meters)

... The Titanic was 882.5 feet (269 meters) in length, which, at the time of its launch, placed it in a tie for the longest ship in the world.


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Which famous American businessman died in the sinking of the Titanic?

J.P. Morgan
Cornelius Vanderbilt
John Jacob Astor IV

... John Jacob Astor IV, along with his valet, died in the sinking of the Titanic; his pregnant wife and two members of their staff survived.


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True or false: The Titanic is the deadliest peacetime maritime accident.


... False. While some maritime disasters have unconfirmed death tolls, the 1987 collision between the Vector, an oil tanker, and the Doña Paz, a passenger ferry, killed 4,431 people.


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Which one of the following was NOT among the Titanic's amenities?

Turkish bath
swimming pool
putting green

... The Titanic had a Turkish bath and a swimming pool but did not contain a putting green.


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Who was the captain of the Titanic?

Rupert Samuel Hubble
Lionel David Johnson
Edward John Smith

... Edward John Smith was the captain of the Titanic; he died in the sinking of the ship.


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Isidor Straus, who died in the sinking of the Titanic, was a co-owner of which famous department store?


... Isidor Straus co-owned Macy's department store with his brother, Nathan Straus.


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Which company operated the Titanic?

White Star Line
Red Star Line
Blue Comet Line

... The White Star Line operated the RMS Titanic.


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Which early investigative journalist perished onboard the Titanic?

Upton Sinclair
Frank Norris
William T. Stead

... William T. Stead, a pioneer of investigative journalism, died in the sinking of the Titanic.


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Which item was falsely rumored to be among the Titanic's cargo?

an Egyptian mummy
a haunted grand piano
a crate of cutting-edge exercise equipment
Al Capone's vault

... Despite rumors to the contrary, the Titanic was not transporting an Egyptian mummy.


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In addition to passengers, the Titanic also carried large amounts of what type of cargo?


... In addition to passengers, the Titanic also carried quite a bit of mail, all of which was lost at sea.


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How many crewmembers worked on the Titanic?


... Nine hundred crewmembers worked on the Titanic.


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How many lifeboats did the Titanic have?


... The Titanic had only 20 lifeboats; it should have had at least twice as many.


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How many items made up the Titanic's collection of linens?

50,000 pieces
200,000 pieces
600,000 pieces

... The Titanic had 200,000 pieces of linen -- from tablecloths to napkins to bed sheets.


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A rare, jewel-encrusted edition of which famous literary work was lost in the Titanic disaster?

Omar Khayyam's "The Rubaiyat"
"One Thousand and One Nights"
Rumi's "Masnavi"

... A rare, jewel-encrusted edition of Omar Khayyam's "The Rubaiyat" was lost when the Titanic sank.


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The Titanic's stores of food included how many tons of potatoes?

10 tons
40 tons
80 tons

... The Titanic was loaded with 40 tons of potatoes.


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How many bottles of nonalcoholic drinks were on the Titanic?


... In addition to thousands of bottles of alcohol, the Titanic had 1,000 bottles of nonalcoholic drinks, from soft drinks to soda water.


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How much coal per day did the Titanic use?

344 tons
100 tons
544 tons

... The Titanic used about 544 tons of coal per day to power its engines and other systems.


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