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Our universe is a strange and mysterious place. From what shape the universe takes all the way down to things like near-death experiences, there are plenty of things we still don't understand about the world (worlds?) around us.

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A widely accepted explanation for the mysterious phenomenon of ball lighting is that it's:

electrical plasma
silicon vapor
floating black hole

... John Abrahamson at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, suggests that ball lightning is the result of a chemical reaction of silicon particles burning in the air.


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The cell phone theory of déjà vu explains the weird phenomenon as the result of:

divided attention
interference by microwaves
premonition through dreams

... Even if you're not trying to drive while talking on a cell phone, your attention is always divided in one way or another. You take in information and process it unknowingly, and when you finally pay attention, your surroundings may feel eerily familiar.


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Using cameras and video display goggles, Swiss researchers were able to replicate what unexplained phenomenon?

out-of-body experience
quantum time travel

... Swiss researchers created a detached, out-of-body experience for test participants by recording them from behind and broadcasting an image of their backs onto video display goggles.


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What's the Missyplicity Project?

a project to study human reproduction in space
a project that's mapping the genome of mastodons
a project to perfect dog cloning

... The Missyplicity Project is an undertaking by Texas A&M University to posthumously clone the beloved dog of Texas billionaire John Sperling.


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Which of the following universities houses a body farm?

University of Nebraska
Missouri State University
University of Tennessee

... Body farms use donated corpses to study decomposition and other aspects of death to further forensic anthropology. One is located at the University of Tennessee.


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Which famous inventor publicly electrocuted dogs, cats, horses and even an elephant in an effort to discredit his competitor's electrical patents as dangerous?

Nikola Tesla
Thomas Edison
Alexander Graham Bell

... Thomas Edison staged public electrocutions of all manner of animals to convince people Nikola Tesla's alternating current electrical generators were unsafe.


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What's the Doomsday Ark?

a seed bank that stores several hundred thousand species of plant seeds
an underground vault that stores gene samples of enough species to populate a thriving ecosystem
an artificial ecosystem housed on the moon

... Scientists have been batting around the idea of a lunar-housed microecosystem, complete with atmosphere, to restore Earth to normalcy should a catastrophe wipe it out.


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How does science theoretically explain the common trait of spontaneous human combustion, in which limbs are left intact?

There's less fat to burn.
The bones in arms and legs are naturally flame-retardant.
The human body has a temperature gradient.

... Because of the lower temperatures found in the extremities compared to the head and torso, a flame may not be sustainable, meaning a spontaneously combusting human's arms and legs are left to unsettle investigators.


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Which of these politicians has not claimed to see a UFO?

President Dwight D. Eisenhower
Sen. Richard Russell
President Ronald Reagan

... Although his administration is pinned with all manner of UFO conspiracies, Dwight Eisenhower never claimed to have seen one.


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Which of these countries is missing gravity?


... Convection from magma beneath the mantle and an indentation left by a melted ice sheet are thought to have reduced the mass (and thus the gravity) of an area around Hudson Bay in Canada.


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