What does your car say about you? Take the auto psychology quiz.


A car purchase is a big investment. And why not; many of us spend more hours a day in our cars than we do with our kids. Or maybe that is where we spend most of our time with our kids. What do you think your car choice says about you?

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Evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller has said that consumer purchases display ________.

a person's insecurities and financial worth
a consumer's personality traits and creativity
nothing at all, because we buy everything on impulse

... According to Miller, our purchases display our personality traits, creativity and intelligence. He says we even make these purchases strategically, mostly to attract mates. What's that? Attract a mate with a car?


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If a guy (or gal) drives a convertible sports car, what type of person is he or she likely to be?

too risky to go near
analytical and introverted
energetic, active and outdoorsy

... Of course, you can't stereotype every car owner, but most sports car owners like their lives the way they like their cars -- energetic and active. Add outdoorsy for those who spring for the convertible top. Some psychologists disagree, however, and say these drivers have hidden insecurities.


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According to a CNET review, driving what type of car makes you more or less invisible to the opposite sex?


... The minivan is a handy vehicle to own, especially for carting around your kids and their accompanying sports or band equipment. That's exactly why the minivan can make you pretty much invisible to the opposite sex: The minivan screams "soccer Mom" or "soccer Dad."


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Another useful vehicle is the pick-up. How many American women drive pick-ups?

less than 50,000
about 100,000
at least 250,000

... In a 2004 survey, R.K. Polk said that American women bought more than 250,000 pick-ups. In fact, female consumers purchased as many trucks as minivans that year.


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What inspires women to purchase pick-ups?

to haul things around
for safety
to garner respect from other drivers
all of the above

... Women have cited all of these reasons for loving their pick-ups. The higher, bigger vehicles feel safer, haul more and command respect from other drivers, especially men. Bonus factoid: the average age of a female Ford pick-up purchaser is around 43 years old.


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Who buys hybrid cars?

anyone who is socially conscious and has the money
consumers who are slightly older and more affluent than the average car buyer
car buyers who are young and liberal

... Celebrities may get more attention for their hybrid purchases, but they're not the only ones buying these fuel savers. Still, hybrids aren't as popular as social consciousness would suggest. Most hybrid owners earn at least $100,000 a year, slightly more than the average auto purchaser, and they're a little older too.


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A person who is slightly aloof is most likely to drive a car that is ________ .


... The silver car owner is said to be cool, calm and a little aloof. People who drive black cars tend to be more rebellious, and those who own white cars often seek status -- or maybe they're driving a rental or company-issued vehicle.


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What else might driving a silver car say about you -- and your car?

You don't mind conformity.
You don't mind washing the car -- and often.
You love novelty.

... Drivers of silver cars might be conformists; silver is not only unobtrusive, but popular. If you drive a silver car, you're more likely to walk out of the mall to find a few others just like it in the parking lot.


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Is it true that red cars attract more speeding tickets than cars of other colors?

Actually, red cars attract more thieves, not police with radar guns.

... The stories we hear about red cars being targets for tickets really are urban legends, and not supported by data. In fact, a reporter did his own small study in the 1990s and found no more tickets issued per red car than any other color. Red cars are no more prone to theft, either.


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What types of cars are preferred by thieves?

sports cars
compacts and sedans

... Though the occasional joy ride might cause a thief to choose a sports car or pick-up, most thefts are based on weak security systems and the need for parts. In 2011, the 1994 Honda Accord was named the most stolen car -- for the third year in a row. Older model Honda Civics and Toyota Camrys were next, followed by a few pick-up models.


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In seven states, five of the top-selling autos were Japanese models. What other characteristic did these states share?

Carbon emissions in those states were lower than in the other 43 states.
People in those states voted for President Barack Obama in the 2008 election.
All seven states were home to domestic manufacturing plants for Japanese car models.

... In all seven states in which five of the top-selling autos were Japanese models, voters chose President Obama in the 2008 presidential election. Whether this means there is any connection between politics and car choice is purely conjecture, however.


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What's the top mistake consumers make when buying cars?

failing to test drive the car
adding too many options
falling in love with a certain car model before purchase

... It's so easy to fall in love, and it's the top mistake car buyers make, especially if they can't take their minds (and hearts) off of a single model. Consumer Reports advises setting emotions aside and doing your homework to find the best deal, then loving your new car after you drive it home.


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Who buys a car more for looks than for practical reasons?

Both men and women fall for color and style over substance.

... Women make more car decisions, and go for more practical features, such as lower costs and higher fuel efficiency. A TrueCar.com study shows that men tend to buy more vehicles that are big, brawny or exotic.


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If safety is first in your mind, should you automatically opt for the largest vehicle you can afford?

only if it's a brand new model

... Big is not always better or safer. Aside from crash test and reliability data, consider how much easier it is to handle and stop a lighter,more agile small car to avoid collisions.


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How can you apply feng shui to your car?

Park your car at your home in an area good for metal, not wood or fire.
Keep the interior free of clutter.
Keep a bottle of water in the car.
all of the above

... The most important aspects of keeping your car in line with feng shui are a clutter-free interior and clean exterior. It also helps to consider where the car is parked according to the bagua map (in a metal-appropriate area) and to keep a bottle of water in the car for its flowing energy. Regular car maintenance also maintains flow of chi.


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About 17 percent of new cars are ________ .


... Black became a "sexy" and sleek color in the 1980s and sales of the color rose. About 17 percent of all cars sold are black, and close to 30 percent of all Mercedes-Benz models are black. In fact, Mercedes has several "shades" of black, which have undertones of other colors, for its luxury cars .


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Maybe it's because there are more of them on the road, but black cars are twice as likely as ________ cars to be involved in crashes.


... According to research from Churchill Motor Insurance, black cars are twice as likely as cream-colored cars to be in accidents. A U.K. study reported that owners of cream-colored cars usually are reserved, self-contained people, which might explain the data.


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There aren't many purple cars on the road. But if you own one, what kind of personality might you have?

creative and original
obnoxious and loud
artistic, but a crowd pleaser

... A Pantone color expert says purple car owners most likely are original, individualistic and creative types.


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Drivers of ________ cars have mostly upbeat attitudes, at least when their moods aren't swinging.

emerald green
bright yellow
light blue

... Drivers of emerald green cars have the most upbeat attitudes, but might be prone to mood swings. Like lime green, emerald is a safe color choice, because it makes the car easy for other drivers to spot. It's not pleasing to everyone's eyes, though.


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These days owning a "green car" really means having one that's ecofriendly. Why do most people consider green auto purchases?

because green cars are better for the environment
to save money on fuel
to impress their friends

... A J.D. Powers survey in 2011 found that 75 percent of consumers considering a green vehicle purchase were thinking about it more for the money they would save on fuel; only about half cited environmental concerns as the reason.


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