Andy Hillstrand’s Online Chat Transcript, June 5, 2007

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Andy Hillstrand's Online Chat Transcript, June 5, 2007

Discovery: Welcome to this week's Deadliest Catch chat. Our guest is Andy Hillstrand, captain aboard the Time Bandit. Captain Andy takes the wheel of the Time Bandit during opilio season while his brother, Johnathan, skippers during red crab. Andy faced one of the biggest waves of the season. Find out more about his experience. Ask him about big waves and this season of fishing now.

Andy Hillstrand: I'm just glad to be here to answer people's questions, and hopefully we can answer all your questions to the best of our ability.

Inafromattle: I love you guys — the Time Bandit is my favorite!! Is it frustrating sometimes to switch to the deck when you are used to being in the captain's seat? Do you think about what decision you would have made as opposed to the one your brother made?

Andy Hillstrand: I've been doing it for so long, switching to the deck, for 14 years. So it's almost a relief for me to go down on deck because I don't have to think about running the boat.

Patty: You guys were so cool bailing that greenhorn out of jail — did he appreciate that?

Andy Hillstrand: (laughing) Kind of. He appreciated getting out of jail, but I don't know how far the gratitude went! He was still a greenhorn after all.

Bugga314: Thanks for taking the time to chat with all of us, Andy! How long do you see yourself crabbin', before you just stay at the ranch full time?

Andy Hillstrand: I'm hoping to maybe be off the deck by the time I'm 50, which will give me about another 6 years. But fishing is in my blood, so you never know.

Cheryl in NC: What is the most important thing you have learned from crab fishing?

Andy Hillstrand: You never quit. You never give up. Because if you give up, you die where we work.

OUhockeyfan: Thanks for sharing your time with us, Capt'n Andy. What strengths do you think crab fishing has brought to your career as a horseman, and vice versa?

Andy Hillstrand: Well you have to have patience, you have to never quit, and you have to learn how to deal with the psychology. You have to use psychology on the deck when the fishing is bad, and you have to do the same with horses - use psychology and your body language. Whether it's on a freezing deck, or on a ranch with a horse, you have to use psychology.

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