Ed Hansen’s Online Chat Transcript 07 May 29

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Ed Hansen's Online Chat Transcript 07 May 29

Discovery: Welcome to this week's Deadliest Catch chat. Our guest is Edgar Hansen, deck boss aboard the Northwestern. He's the outspoken brother to superstitious Capt. Sig and knows how to break in a greenhorn. Ask Edgar about pots, pranks and this season of crab fishing.

Edgar Hansen: I want to thank everybody for being here for the next hour I'm sorry I couldn't give you more, but it's all the time I could spare.

mcas8: Edgar, what is it really like working with your brother as the captain?

Edgar Hansen: Living hell, literally! But it works out. He sticks with the best of what he does and I do the best at what I do. So, it works out.

jeffery67: Hi Edgar, what was your worst moment on last season?

Edgar Hansen: My worst moment would have to be having to go home. It's a shame to leave.

rfritsche: Hey Edgar, are you ever going to get your own crab boat or are you going to work with Sig until you get tired of crab fishing?

Edgar Hansen: No, I think he's going to leave the boat to me at some point in time. He's not getting any younger. I'll probably take the boat for cod fish, and during crab seasons if we end up getting more quota we'll end up swapping out. One more boat would just add to the madness.

csandoval: Love you guys! What do you do in between seasons?

Edgar Hansen: Sig is all business, and I have two rental houses and three children that keep me busy. I work a lot with wood, working on my house, playing with the kids. Just trying to take it easy and enjoy my hobbies. I used to be an avid dirt bike rider, but I don't want to break any legs so no more of that for me or I may not make next season. So we keep busy with hobbies and kids when we have time off.

ffst121981: Hey Edgar, how long has your family been fishing?

Edgar Hansen: We are fourth generation, so that'd be our great grandfather. He fished when he was a child. So, ever since I can remember, going back four generations. And I hope it shows.

dunestorm: I had two quick questions about your publicity tour. Seems like in both NY and LA you guys attracted police; is this a normal occurrence for you? And in LA I see you and Norm took a turn on a mechanical bull; how did that turn out for you?

Edgar Hansen: I don't know where you got that information, but that's correct. It seems like policemen and firemen, when the show is on, they'll shut the whole station down and watch our show. It's pretty unbelievable to us how popular this thing has gotten. As far as the mechanical bull, that was the night we met Paris Hilton, which you guys saw the Jay Leno show. Norman actually rode bull in the rodeo for a while. He got first place. Me being a first timer I got second. I'm a quick learner though. It's just not in my nature to give up.

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