Butter Crab Recipe

posted: 04/11/12
DCL | Marie G. Kelley, Food Stylist, Kelley Productions International


5 pounds of cooked king crab

1 cup unsalted butter


If the crab is frozen, soak it in fresh cold water to thaw. Crack it open and remove the meat. Towel-dry the crabmeat.

When preparing crab [for dinner?] with my dinner, I cook it in browned butter. The secret is using unsalted butter and separating the butter-fat particles by melting it over very low heat leaving the whey to float on the warm oil. Then turn the heat up to medium-high and shake the frying pan like you're cooking old-fashioned popcorn. Control the browning to desired color, remove from heat, then add seafood. Let sit, turning once. Serve as an appetizer or with steak and salad. The warmed buttered crab has a nutty flavor, which has addictive, finger-licking properties! Serves 8.

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