Jeff Conroy’s Online Chat Transcript 07 Jun 19

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Jeff Conroy's Online Chat Transcript 07 Jun 19

Discovery: Welcome to the final chat in our weekly Deadliest Catch chat series. Our guest is Jeff Conroy, co-executive producer of Deadliest Catch. He's been producing the series since the beginning, so get the inside scoop on this season and the entire series. Ask your questions now.

Jeff Conroy: Thanks for inviting me, and thanks for watching and enjoying the show. It's great to see that other people enjoy the show as much as I do!

captainrik: Hi Mr. Conroy ... Thanks for talking to us ... I was wondering how many camera guys do you have on each boat?

Jeff Conroy: Basically the setup is two camera guys per boat. One is a cameraman predominantly, and the other predominantly a producer. But my caveat would be that we do some boats where we just put one cameraman on. to spread our net wider.

Juneau: The crew members talk about getting seasick even after years crab did your film crews manage?

Jeff Conroy: Usually the first 24 hours can be rough although I must say I had some guys who didn't get sick at all. On a side note - I had one crew that came in on an offload and they'd been sick the whole time. Usually we let them get off the boat and stay at a hotel, but they refused to get off the boat because they'd finally acclimatized to the boat and didn't want to get seasick again when they got back on it.

captainrik: How many camera guys have quit do to the adverse conditions?

Jeff Conroy: No one has actually quit. As in "get me off the boat NOW!" But I've had people who didn't want to return and I've had people who didn't function in their job very well. But in the third season, that doesn't happen any more because I think we can screen them pretty well now and we get so many return that we know what we're getting.

sugarland: First, job well done to your guys on this show...I'm addicted. How many more seasons do you think you'll be doing, and are any of the boats in for another season yet? Just can't get enough of this great show. Thanks

Jeff Conroy: Well first off, thanks very much - that's very kind. I hope we go on forever! I hope this is the American Idol of the Discovery Channel and every year we just keep going! We actually haven't decided which boats we'll be doing next year. We're open to suggestions.

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