Haikus for Phil Harris

posted: 04/11/12
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Phil Harris
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As Josh and Jake want us all to know, Phil will always consider his fans part of the Harris and Cornelia Marie families. With this enduring bond, we sent out an invite to our Facebook friends to pay tribute to our beloved skipper with their own personal HAIKU's. Not an easy assignment for many, but here are wonderful poetic tributes sent in by fans who were up to the task.

Grizzled tough outside; A tender heart within him; Captain, Father, Friend

-Written by Heather N Chris O'Dea

Burly beard has he

Duck farts were drank steadily

No crab left behind

-Written by Brandon Desnoyers

Waves higher than boats.

Fishing crew works with the sea,

Man accepts nature.

-Written by Jenifer Mina

Gone yet not forgotten,

Although we are apart,

Your spirit lives within me,

Forever in my heart.

-Written by Jessica Grangruth

Red sky at morning

Ice plummets like sharp daggers

Sailor take warning

-Written by Trisha Ann Wheatley

I wrote your name in the sand,

but the waves washed it away.

I wrote your name in the sky, ...

but the wind blew it away.

So I wrote your name in my heart,

and that's where it will stay, always

-Written by Patty Fuhr

Salty SOB; Larger than life on the sea; Last trip Phil Godspeed.

-Written by Randl Rivera

The breath of the winds

Sunny days and starry nights

Good to be alive.

-Written by Johnny Jones

no more bad weather / only smooth seas before you / GODS newest captain

-Written by Shanyn Humphry

Salt air in his wings

pots filled, and deckhands sleeping

He'll watch over you.

-Written by Renee Weimer

Captain Phil was tough.

His legacy will live on.

Waves hold memories.

-Written by Stacey Milochik

Real truth is quite gruff

Fishing gives life to gruff men

gruff men have soft hearts

-Written by Victoria Lell Quick

Eyes blue and piercing / Voice rough and somtimes raspy / Heart..big as the Bering Sea

-Written by Pamela McAlister

to capt. phil,

sparks fly,

smoke emerges,fly

crabs die,

boat anchors,

crew cries,...

seas rest,

journey goes on...RIP

-Written by Jen Seidel Sowers

Deadly seas your life

Two sons and crab filled your heart

Tattooed on our souls

-Written by Emily Heinlen

The seas will be quite without his jokes and laughter,

In the voice of the screeching gulls, listen for his name.

Look to the skys, for the light beaming through the clouds,

For every day this tribute to him will remain.

-Written by Sharon Estes Raymond-diaz

Bering Sea lifeblood

Taken too soon; but comfort.

The soul has now joined...

-Written by Brandon Desnoyers

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