Phil and Josh Harris’ Online Chat Transcript 07 May 22

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Phil and Josh Harris' Online Chat Transcript 07 May 22

Discovery: Welcome to this week's Deadliest Catch chat. Our guests tonight are Phil Harris, Captain of the Cornelia Marie, and his son Josh Harris. Jake Harris isn't able to be with us tonight, as he's out working on the boat. In Phil's 30th year of crab fishing, he is joined by his sons on the Bering Sea and it's a bumpy ride in more ways than one. Ask the Harris clan about life aboard the Cornelia Marie.

Phil Harris: I'm very happy to be here, and hopefully I can answer everyone's question who wants to know what we're up to.

Kaiaa: Hey guys, thanks for being here tonight! Phil, what has been your scariest moment at sea.. and what was your best prank besides the pipe on the NW's pot?

Phil Harris: I've been scared on the water about 3 times in my career, and every one is a bit different but equally scary. We were at the Pribilofs and it was blowing in the area of 150-175 knots, maybe 100 foot seas. We came off a comber and there wasn't any water on the other side and the boat just free fell about 100 feet. The boat weighs around 700 tons, so it just blasted all of us. It just ripped things off the walls inside the boat - the microwave and stereo went flying, dishes all over the place. We blew off one of our rudders too, and all the alarms were going off. We didn't know if we'd punctured a hole in the boat or what. We were sideways at this point in 100 foot seas, We got it spun around and I knew I'd done something to the boat because it wouldn't steer properly. It took a few minutes to get all the alarms shut off. Guys were checking the engines in the engine room to find out if there was structural damage. At that point we were going the same direction as the seas and the waves were so big that I was just terrified. A friend called to see how it looked and for 4 hours, I didn't even turn around to look. I knew if I did, it would probably give me a heart attack. It was just too big. The pranks - they're all good, it just depends on who you're doing them to! The one we did with Sig was funny because he's Norwegian and I was trying to think of something rare. We've put toilets in pots, we've dressed a mannequin in rain gear and put him in the pots. It just goes on and on - it's just endless that we do back and forth. That was probably one of the funniest ones though.

MesoB: Phil, what lesson do you most hope that Jake and Josh learned this season?

Phil Harris: I don't know if there's one lesson, but in general, if I died tonight and was gone, I hope they'd have the integrity to do what they say, be honest, and do honest work for an honest wage and not short change themselves or anyone else. To be honest about how they live and work. Don't sidestep things or try to cut corners. Do an honest hard job, and do it to the best of their ability.

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