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posted: 04/11/12
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Phil Harris
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Thanks to all the Deadliest Crew members who shared their warm and wonderful memories of our beloved Captain Phil.

Here are a few favorites:

From Doug:

"I'll never forget the episode where Captain Phil was having trouble finding that crab. He left the wheelhouse and stuck his nose in the air. When his son asked him what he was doing Phil said he was smelling out the crabs. He explained that when you see small bubbles in the water that their are lots of crab in the area because they are fart machines and when you smell poop you know your on the crab. That episode made me laugh and wish I was there."


"There are so many good memories of Phil because he was a good, kind man. That clearly showed in every episode. I think the one I really liked was when he went out on deck for the challenge with his son to show him how he could still loop the rope like he never left the deck. He still had it after all those years and showed his boys, and crew, that is why he was the Skipper. He paid his dues and still could handle whatever was thrown on the deckhands."

From Monica:

"Of so many memories the best has to be when Phil turns to the camera after finding out about Jake buying the TV on his card and says, 'NOW you know why lions eat their young.' To me it sums up in just a few words the universal appeal of watching Phil — that he voiced with humor and obvious love all the things we go through for our kids. He was such a great dad! Greatly missed."

From Christine:

"One of my favorite Phil Harris moments wasn't on the Cornelia Marie. It was when he was on Paula Deen's Party cooking of all things, of course, Crab Legs. He was an AWESOME guy. I will definitely miss him and his constant yelling at Jake. Sorry for your loss Josh, Jake and Cornelia Marie Crew."

From Adam:

"My favorite memory is anytime Phil and his kids were working as a team for the better of the boat and their load. Also how much he trusted them and the love they showed in return... We (my wife and I) will miss you Phil and hope your spirit guides them to many fortunes in the future."

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