Andy Hillstrand’s Online Chat Transcript, June 5, 2007

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Bansheecall: My son is in Homer to commercial salmon fish this year. Any words of advice?

Andy Hillstrand: Just work hard, don't whine, and the skipper knows who's working hard without the crew members telling him that they're working hard. Skippers know everything that's going on. And a good crew member will always find a job.

Lhiiiz: Is the Time Bandit the most luxurious crab boat out there?

Andy Hillstrand: Well, I'd say we all have really nice boats. The Cornelia Marie is really nice, the Northwestern is a beautiful boat. But we're right up there too, as one of the nicer boats. But all three of these boats are top notch, well taken care of boats. Beautiful. It's like being at home. We have a dishwasher, regular mattress beds, posturepedic mattresses. And the sauna! There you have it.

ChrisSEA: What are the pros/cons of a fore vs. aft wheelhouse? Are crabs able to adjust to the pressure differences when brought to the surface because they don't use oxygen?

Andy Hillstrand: I personally love a house aft boat. I worked on house fore boats, and you get pounded in rough weather. You can actually levitate in your bunk. So I would never fish in a fore house boat. Crab have internal air bladders in their bodies, so they adjust perfectly as they go up and down in the water.

PetERr: Captain Andy, your boat is the best! Is there any way I could get an autograph from you or one of the guys on the Time Bandit?

Andy Hillstrand: Send us an email, and I have a very limited few signed pictures of Johnathan and me. I'll see what I can do! (Can't make promises, though.)

Discovery: Andy, thank you for being here tonight to answer so many questions! We're almost out of time, but is there anything you'd like to add, before we have to close?

Andy Hillstrand: I'd just like to thank all the fans who have made the show so successful. Without them, nobody in America would know what we do for a living. And if you love the Time Bandit, you can go to We have a bunch of new clothing apparel, and cool stuff on the website. We appreciate everyone's support. Go Time Bandit!

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