Ed Hansen’s Online Chat Transcript 07 May 29

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Chasity: What is your favorite way to relieve stress on the boat? Also, what did you write in the comments can in season 2?

Edgar Hansen: Favorite way to relieve stress — just to hopefully go upstairs and sit on the port side of the wheelhouse, just sit there and look out the window and breathe. You just need to get away from some of those guys at times. One of my comments, I think was probably that Sig has to take more showers. And more sleep.

penguinboogi: Hay Edgar, you rock!!! What is Sig's full first name? I have $$ riding on this. Thanks. Love you guys and pray for you every night.

Edgar Hansen: Sigurd. A nice Norwegian name for an un-nice Norwegian guy :-)

Amy: Do you have a MySpace page?

Edgar Hansen: Yes, I do. It's edgaronnw I have a hard time keeping up with it, though. I wouldn't bother trying to add me as a friend, because I still have 45 pages I have to add. I just can't keep up, I apologize to everybody who's reading this and is trying to be added.

Edd: Have you tried out the Deadliest Catch game yet, if so how have you done?

Edgar Hansen: I have not tried it, I didn't really know there was one to tell you the truth. We're not very computer literate in this family, I'm lucky I can even get online. I live the game, I don't have to play it!

Discovery: Edgar, thank you for chatting with us tonight! Do you have anything else you'd like to add, before we have to close?

Edgar Hansen: I wish I had more time to answer more questions. I know there are a lot of people who were discouraged when Sig was on here, but keep your chin up and go to MySpace. edgaronnw and ask away!

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