Ed Hansen’s Online Chat Transcript 07 May 29

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AleMegXan: Do you ever get seasick? How do you handle the big waves?

Edgar Hansen: LOL, yeah, I get sick. Every time we leave port I get seasick. I used to try pills, powders, and drugs and nothing really worked. So, you just need to muddle through, grin and bear it, and take it like a man for a few days. Until you've thrown up as long as you can, and then you get to work. Or you work while you're puking.

Big_K: Edgar, are you guys getting groupies now that you're famous?

Edgar Hansen: Yeah, I think we've got a few followers. There have been a couple occasions where we had to shoo some people away. So, yes. It could be better or could be worse, it all depends on how you look at it.

drekrab: How do you determine the weight of the crab to get your total?

Edgar Hansen: If it's king crab, we do have a scale on board, and we throw maybe 50 crab in a tote and then we weigh all the crab at once. That way we get a good average for the weight. For opilio crab, we can pretty much judge those by the eye. They're usually 1.5 pounds average, down to 1.3. We can see if we're on the good size of average. But knowing your boat helps too. We can measure our tank and we basically know exactly how much crab is in there by the foot. That's how well we know our boat.

argyllsdad: How are spots picked? Water temp, mating times or mating areas? Thanks for opening your world to us.

Edgar Hansen: As far as fishing, they do do a survey four months prior to a crab season and that gives you a general idea of where an abundance of crab is. But within four months, those crab are usually long gone, so you just need to go by feel or you go by your old records. And you just put them in the water and go from there. Unless you're lucky enough to get information from Blake. Just talk to Blake, he'll tell you! Mating areas? If you're on a school with male and female mix, then you want to get off that school and get on one with bigger male crabs. It really doesn't matter, as long as there's crab at the bottom.

mandyevandy: I love the show. How do you keep a positive attitude about everything when out to sea?

Edgar Hansen: You have to keep a positive attitude, no matter what happens. Your mother's not there to go run and cry to, so you have to pretty much deal with everything on your own. You have to be able to laugh about everything. If you're going to sit there in a slump, you probably won't get your work done.

melanie: Are you married? And if you are, does your wife have a hard time with you being gone and the dangers this job has?

Edgar Hansen:I am very married, three kids, and my wife loves it when I'm gone. So, we don't have a problem in that area. She also loves it when I come home, too.

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