Ed Hansen’s Online Chat Transcript 07 May 29

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zrgirl: How much of the year do you actually work?

Edgar Hansen: With everything that we do — cod fish and salmon, opilio and king crab — we're busy at least 7 months out of the year. It'll be more this year. I'm leaving on the 8th of June and I won't be back until the middle of November. This is after we've already fished opilio and cod fish this year, plus our shipyard work, which has taken us almost two months maintaining the boat in Seattle.

hazelmom: Edgar, you have spoken of your late father with such regard. You have said he was a great fisherman. Can you tell us something about him as a Dad?

Edgar Hansen: It was tough love, that's how we were raised. You have to imagine back in the day, those old timers were gone 10 months out of the year. Every time we got in trouble at home, Mom would say "Wait until your father gets home." We were like "Geez, he's not going to be home for months!" So, we had to sweat for four months until he got home, and then of course Mom never told him all the bad things we did. So. When he was home, he was the best father he could be. Calling us dummies, making us mow his lawn. That's Norwegian love!

argyllsdad: Do crabs migrate to mate or do they look for a certain water temp?

Edgar Hansen: If I knew that I could have quit fishing a long time ago! I think they migrate to feed and mate, I think they mate wherever they're at. Who knows? It's one of the most unknown species in the world as far as I'm concerned.

catchone: How do you keep from getting hypothermia?

Edgar Hansen: Work. Keep moving. If you are cold, you are not working hard enough. I say it to the guys who say "it's cold out here." "Well, start moving, do something." Plus, you wear layers of clothes. You have to wear the right clothes of course. We wear nothing but Harry Hansen gear, which probably saves our butts.

dunestorm: You have been a little reserved on the fire side this season, what gives? And what's the worst thing you've set fire to?

Edgar Hansen: Probably my partner, Nick Mavar, that's probably the worst thing I've set fire to. We ran out of propellant.

trublmakr318: Edgar did you have fun at the NASCAR race? Who was the coolest driver?

Edgar Hansen: I did not go, they left me behind to take care of the boat! Keeper of the boat; maintenance. I do have a life you know!

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