Ed Hansen’s Online Chat Transcript 07 May 29

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Twan: Is there more then just your main engine on your boat, if that goes down, do you have any back up?

Edgar Hansen: There's just the one. So we need to treat it like it's our own baby.

jnlrossi: How ticked do you guys really get when newbies try to prank you? Is it all still in good humor?

Edgar Hansen: No, it's not all in good humor, because a newbie doesn't have the right. You need to earn that right; put in your time before you start acting like a big shot. Is this Blake?

ckosh: Are you friends with all the other guys from other boats?

Edgar Hansen: A lot of them, yeah. I have a lot of friends on a lot of boats, but I think in our off time we don't tend to get together too much. The last thing I need to see when I'm home is another seaman.

jnlrossi: We are all obviously Deadliest Catch fanatics. What TV programs do you watch?

Edgar Hansen: I'm not a real big TV watcher, not a whole lot of time for it. When I sit down and get to click it on, comedy shows. I like King of Queens, that's a good one. Just your standard comedy shows.

CP_Tampa: They never show you guys eating, when do you get a chance to grab a bite to eat and get some coffee?

Edgar Hansen: The coffee is pouring in 24 hours a day. So, we're running in and out getting our cups full. As far as food, we do usually get a chance for one meal a day — a sit down meal — that's usually dinner before we go to bed. There are times where we'll get a lunch in there somewhere. 90 percent of the time it's fend for yourself.

peeler77: My buddies and I always drink beer and watch the show. We were wondering do you ever get to kick back and have a drink?

Edgar Hansen: Not on board! We've got a zero tolerance policy as far as drinking goes, or drugs. We do celebrate on the way home, after the season. When the boat's hard up and we're ready to fly out. We'll go and have a cocktail or two to celebrate.

javahhkk: Do you still have relatives in Norway? Have you ever visited Norway?

Edgar Hansen: Of course, us boys and my dad's brother are the only people that live here in Seattle from our family. So, the rest of our heritage is still back in Norway. We used to go back there every summer as kids, but as time got older, we got older, all of our friends from Norway started to move out and get their own jobs. Now we have our own families. All of our wives are from Norway, and all of their families are from back there as well. There was talk of a Christmas in Norway, but we'll see what happens.

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