Ed Hansen’s Online Chat Transcript 07 May 29

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Pssbear: Do you prefer the new way of determining who can fish for crabs each season, or the old way of everyone can participate?

Edgar Hansen: No, I liked the Olympic style fishing better. There was a lot more adrenaline, it was every man for himself. when the gun went off, everyone left at the same time and you got what you got. And whoever got most was top dog. There was more of sense of pride in what we did before, and accomplishment.

keithl: Where do you go to find out about jobs on a crab boat?

Edgar Hansen: There's really nothing at the unemployment office. All you can do, is be there.

Fred: The show tends to focus on the danger, hard work and money you guys face/make. Do most crab fisherman enjoy it? Have fun doing it? Or is it all business?

Edgar Hansen: It depends on the crew you have. It can be very fun at times, but rarely is it fun all of the time. That's what separates us from most. That's why it's such a hard job to do. Because 90 percent of the time you're miserable. If you're not getting beaten down by a wave, you're getting beaten down by the skipper.

Numba1Crabba: Edgar, what's your favorite drink?

Edgar Hansen: I don't drink much anymore, if at all. But if it was to tie one on, it would be Crown & Coke. But I switched over to energy drinks and coffee.

sumoleo: Did Sig ever cook you guys pancakes yet?

Edgar Hansen: We were promised dinner and a movie, and pancakes for breakfast. I haven't see any one of those!

dadingo: Do you wear long johns when you are crabbin'?

Edgar Hansen: Only when it's 30 below. Other than that, it's just what you see — sweatpants and rain gear. And lots of work.

botc: How has the show changed your lives, especially Sig?

Edgar Hansen: It hasn't changed mine much at all. It's just popularity, people stop you at the stores and on the road. It's all positive feedback. "Oh my God, you guys are amazing. Thank you for letting us into your lives and seeing what you guys do for a living." As far as changing me personally, it probably never will. Fishing's all we've ever done and it's all we'll ever do.

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