Jeff Conroy’s Online Chat Transcript 07 Jun 19

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vitoman: Why did the Maverick and Rollo decline to participate?

Jeff Conroy: First off, each of their circumstances were different and it's based on what stories we can tell. We love the Maverick, and we hope to go out with them again if they want to. During king crab season, we had a new story that we hadn't heard, and that was Blake on the Maverick, as a greenhorn skipper. In the opie season, we have to make decisions every year about what stories will be in the show and what won't. And this season we had other stories that were stronger on other boats so there had to be decisions made. What can we lose? There were only 12 episodes, and we'd already had great stories from The Maverick. The Rollo was a great boat in last year's season. We just wanted to tell some new stories. I try to keep the show fresh, but bring some of the old characters back and it's a tough balance, and requires tough decisions.

mystic: Is a mini series about the crew's lives on land a possibility?

Jeff Conroy: That's a really interesting idea. If you know any of these guys on land, it's a really interesting mini series. At this time, there's nothing in the works but it's a good idea to consider, that's for sure.

Patty: How did you decide the placement of the camera crew on which ships?

Jeff Conroy: That's a great question. Figuring out which camera crews go on which ship is based on a combination of skills and personality. I try to think about the personality of the cameraman and producer that we put on each boat, first as a team, and second how they'll get along with the people on the boat. It's such a unique filming experience, you don't get to say "Cut!" and walk away. To work on a crab boat, you really have to get along with people or it won't work.

Saudi: Thanks to you and all F/V for a terrific show. What was your most memorable moment?

Jeff Conroy: That's a hard question! I can tell you a funny moment - we were up in Dutch Harbor during opie season and the guys on the Time Bandit decided to have what they called Club Time Bandit. If you're a Deadliest Catch fan, this was Nirvana - it was basically a party on the boat, and it was really cool.

Patty: Will you be filming on the same ships next season?

Jeff Conroy: We don't know yet, actually. We're still trying to figure that out. I guess I'd ask you Patty, do you think we should? You can talk on the discussion boards about whether you think we should or not.

Patty: Who came up with the idea of filming crab fishing?

Jeff Conroy: That would be Thom Beers, the creator and executive producer. Actually, he was on a crab boat in 1999 filming, which seems so long ago now. It took a little while for the idea to be accepted and become a show.

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