Jeff Conroy’s Online Chat Transcript 07 Jun 19

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MELID1970: How did you choose which F/Vs would be on the show?

Jeff Conroy: I've said this before - the first thing I look for is straight shooters. We want people who are willing to be honest and be themselves on camera. Actually, that's not too hard to find in the crab fishing world! This is a group of guys who are going to be who they are regardless of who's there. Then we also look for interesting stories. I used the example earlier of Blake as a young captain coming up, and those are interesting stories. You don't know what's going to happen in a new situation. Another example would be with Phil and his son being on the boat - that's just a dynamic we had nothing to do with, but because he was fishing with his two sons, we were interested in going to see what happened.

Tartar Sauce: Did you go to film school? Or apprentice? What other productions have you done to prepare for this gig?

Jeff Conroy: I did not go to film school. Probably the best known show I did before this was Monster Garage. I went to the school of "get someone a coffee until you can get another job." Like most people in the business, I started as a production assistant and tried to find any piece of creativity I could to move myself up. And I got a lot of coffees too! :-)

With this environment especially, we do a lot of supplemental story training and obviously Doug Stanley, the director of photography, really loves to teach any of our younger guys or girls about filmmaking and camera work. So it's good to have an environment where people do that from within.

Delaware don: Hi Jeff. I'm curious how we find out where the crab is sold from these guys to help support them?

Jeff Conroy: Oh man, I wish I knew that! There is certainly a number of the boats that deliver to Trident, one of the biggest if not the biggest crab processors, so you could link through their page. I think the Maverick sells their own crab, so you could go to their website.

vitoman: There were a couple different conflicts on the show this time in opilio season. Being executive producer, do you think that there was a chance that they were influenced playing for the cameras or the situations were totally real?

Jeff Conroy: Really, that's our biggest fear - if someone plays for the camera, we're not really interested in that because what makes the show work is when you're watching it, you're watching something that's real, with real conflicts. I don't think those conflicts were faked. There was a lot of stress, a lot on the line, people were stressed and not sleeping enough. It's an environment made for tension. So the answer is, I don't think so.

deb: Jeff, I missed the show tonight because I'm staying in a fancy hotel and they don't have Discovery, they have Discovery HD instead. Are there any plans to film Deadliest Catch in HD and what would that entail? I think it would look amazing in HD.

Jeff Conroy: You can stop staying at that hotel immediately! Actually, we did shoot the show in HD but I'm not sure when it will go to HD. It will at some point, but due to technical challenges it will be delayed a bit in HD.

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